I hate off days.

I hate them. They are boring and since everyone and their mom has an off day today there is really nothing to do. UPDATE: Two more games are postponed and another is in a delay. At this rate there will be no baseball at all. 

This is what I do on off days. Watch videos of my crazy friends who dress up in bunny suits and steal people out of tour groups. This same person showed up in my room at like one o’clock with a flashlight shining in my face. Don’t worry they knew the girl they kidnapped from the tour. Funny story: One person in the tour group says, “That was creepy.” Another says immediately afterwards, “That makes me really want to go here.” We do our best to help the tour guides out.
So I will make my entry about something that caused a lot of discussion on Facebook today. So if you are not on Facebook I will explain to you what happened. There is an application on Facebook called Living Social. This application allows you to procrastinate even more or pay even lass attention in class by letting you pick your top five of anything such as Favorite Pro Sports Teams (Cleveland Indians, St. Louis Cardinals, Manchester United, Texas rangers, and Indianapolis Colts) or Celebrity Crushes (Grady Sizemore, Channing Tatum, Jacoby Ellsbury, Ian Kinsler, Nick Markakis), etc. You may think that this would get old but as anyone who has Facebook and is familiar with any application they never get old, ever. I have done about five million of these top five lists (exaggeration, but a lot) and eventually ran out of lists to do. So I made my own. I entitled it Baseball’s Best Fans. Here is my list with explanations. 

Let the arguing begin.
5) I don’t remember. I used it a long time ago.


  1. juliasrants

    Melissa – they were actually taking about the pizza throwing today during the game and showed the clip! A ball went into the stands and a beer got spilled and Jerry Remy – being the Remdawg! – starting talking about the “pizza” and it went down hill from there! lol! You are right about Red Sox fans treating every game like it was a playoff game. Boston is a very intense sports town. Most fans are pretty well educated when it comes to the ins and outs of the game and yes – while some might be rude to Yankees fans – I’m not thinking many Yankees fans are very nice to Red Sox fans! I could not imagine ever not being a Boston fan!


  2. yankeehater626

    you left out 4 major ones out on the west coast

    1) Angels- We pack the stadium every night and have through the bad and the good. We don’t start fights, but we will defend our team whenever someone threatens our Halos.
    2) Dodgers – As an Angel’s fan…naturally…I hate the dodgers. But, although they have many “fake” fans, they also have some of the most dedicated fans that I have ever seen.
    3) Rangers- The Rangers are terrible, but they still fill that stadium. WHY? Because the fans love their team
    4) Mariners – They are like Tampa Bay fans of 2007. They may not be the sportscasters’ pick to win everything, but they also have some very dedicated fans.

  3. saaaaa

    I agree 100% with the Cardinals fans. They truly are the best fans in baseball. Last summer, I went to Busch Stadium and I live only 20 minutes south of Jupiter, where they hold their Spring Training, so I’ve dealt with a lot of Cards fan! No doubt are they the best fans ever! They know their stuff and are just generally good-hearted people who loves nothing more than their home town team….Being that I’m a Marlins fan, I ‘ve had to deal with my share of crabby Braves fans. But I suppose that’s fairly understandable since we’re division rivals. But good fans anyways I suppose, LOL…I don’t know much about Royals fans, but I guess they’re alright…Indians fans are good fans too!…The last one is where I have my problem 😛 I have nothing against anyone personally, but I cannot stand the Red Sox, therefore, I cannot stand their fans! I’ve never been to Fenway, but I’ve had to unfortunately deal with their fans down here when they played the Marlins two years ago, I believe it was, and I’ve been to many series versus them in Tampa. They are rude and obnoxious. Sure, they love their team but they are ruthless. And the most annoying thing about majority (NOT ALL) of them? They have the biggest bandwagon in baseball. 2004 comes around and everyone’s a Boston fan! It’s ridiculous. It’s a bunch of kids who know nothing about their history or baseball, but the Sox are “cool” so we’ll cheer ’em on. Definitely not “Baseball’s Best Fans” IMO…I think you need to add the Chicago Cubs fans to this list 🙂 I do not like the Cubs at all, but they are good fans. They’ve been there for years supporting their team that hasn’t been in a World Series in how many years? They’re good fans. They’re there for their team through good and bad…Okay, I’m done ranting. Sorry to take up so much comment space! But I totally respect your opinion! Good points 🙂


  4. crzblue2

    Oh I forgot Clemson girl, I also HATE days off! especially after the team finishes a homestand. As it is I feel a little lost after they leave. When you try to attend ALL home games and some road trips you just want it to continue

  5. mattman365

    Mellisa – I love your blog! I have noticed your comments on mine a time or two, and would like to let you know that the name of my blog is changing to “When the Roof Is Open…”. Thanks alot for the comments, and hope you come back soon!

  6. Lissi

    Julia- I didn’t plan that I swear! How cool!
    Yankeehater- I have not heard a lot about west coast fans except for Dodgers fans which I have heard are horribly rude.
    Sarah- Cubs fans are rude for the most part. I know a lot of Cubs fans (my Dad’s family) and the ones I know are generally very nice but at Wrigley people in Cards gear are treated like second-class citizens. It’s pretty much as bad as Yankee/Red Sox hate except it is for the most part not reciprocated at Busch.
    Emma- That would put quite a hole in your schedule!
    Mattman365- okay I will! Thanks for the kind words!

  7. neumann12

    I will never claim that Phillies fans as a whole are “nice” but J.D. Drew deserves every single battery (okay, maybe that’s a little harsh) but every single “BOOOO” that comes his way. Any team’s fan base would hold a grudge if you were their 2nd OVERALL pick and turned down big money. Maybe Scott Boras is to blame, but it’s J.D.’s fault for hiring such a lousy agent! Luckily, he hasn’t had a career worthy of being selected so high.

    And while 99% of college students finish up in the next few weeks, Ohio is on quarters instead of semesters and goes into mid-June. That’s how I still have 6 softball games left. It’s the craziest schedule ever! We get out for winter break in mid-November to make up for it. But I’m transferring to a small school in Pennsylvania has a normal academic calendar.

  8. rrrt

    Aargh! Why must people keep bringing up the battery incident? That happened 10 years ago. Why they chose batteries I have no idea, but this action by a handful of individuals keeps providing fodder for putdowns of Phillies fans in general. [The whole incident revolved around J.D. Drew, who had been drafted by the Phillies but refused to sign, wanting more money than the Phillies were willing to offer, flaunting a loophole in the rules to get out of it, sitting out a year and actually playing in an independent league, and then re-entering the draft. This was his first appearance in Philly after signing with the Cardinals. In retrospect, it probably wasn’t Drew’s fault, but rather his agent’s doing – who else but Scott Boras ]
    I think every stadium has its small contingent of rude fans. Whether or not you happen to cross paths with them will determine your impression of that team’s fanbase.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  9. peaceluvnbaseball

    That’s true. Cubs fans can get rude, I’ve dealt with plenty of that before, especially because of 2003, but you were saying that the Red Sox fans were true fans, etc. so I was acknowledging the Cubs fans. I think Cubs fans are more loyal and supportive than the Red Sox fans, but I can see that they can both be mean fans. But then again, every team has their good and bad fans!…Anyways, I hate off-days too! Fortunately, my Marlins played tonight, unfortunately, we lost 😦 Boo. But ya’ll got a good series comin’ up against the Royals. And Laffey’s back. I love him. Good luck 🙂


  10. iliveforthis

    I’m trying to decide what is worse: off days, rain delays, or bad beats. Bad beats you get to watch your team play… but they get demolished. Off days mean no baseball, and rain delays give you the glimmer of hope that there might be baseball, but then the weather comes and stomps all over your plans. I’ll have to find your thing on “LivingSocial.” I enjoyed taking the “people I want to punch in the face” one.

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