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My Life Would Suck Without You

Dear Indians, 

Nice try. You stayed with arguably the best team in baseball at the moment for 8 innings. You stole 2 bases. Thanks Grady. You listened. Grady made an awesome play in the outfield and then a not so awesome one but he tried. Mark DeRosa got an RBI at a very important time and then Jhonny and Ben Francisco crushed my heart that had already been ripped out by Kerry Wood. Thanks guys. Tonight let’s put it back in. 
My heart has been through a lot this weekend. On Sunday it was stolen by my second favorite lead off guy in baseball who ironically you will be seeing in center field tonight. Then yesterday Grady took it back and then for good measure was awesome last night and showed me he really cares. 
I unfortunately can only say the same for a few of you: Victor, A-Cab, Eric Wedge, and Cliff. Please guys show me you care tonight. Give Anthony some run support. Which means, as scary and impossible as it may seem, you are going to have to hit with runners in scoring position. Boston pitching is not going to let you rely on home runs to score runs so you are going to have to take advantage of any opportunities you are given tonight. 
But as frustrating as you are “we belong together… you got a piece of me, and honestly, my life would suck without you.” And guys, “I know that I’ve got issues but you’re pretty messed up too… [but] I’m nothing without you.” And even though “being with you is so dysfunctional, I really shouldn’t miss you, but I can’t let you go… because we belong together… and honestly my life would suck without you.”
Melissa, your forever devoted fan
PS Kelly Clarkson may have helped me out some…
Dear Indians,
Hey Indians I know looks can be deceiving but I know I saw a lot in you. Of all the girls tossing pillows at the TV set; I’ll be the one watching even when your down by 10 (or more). Hey Indians, boy you might have me believing you could maybe win it all this year. I can’t help it if you play like all stars, can’t help it if I wanna watch you every day and night. Come feel this magic I’ve been feeling since I first saw you, can’t help it there’s no one else, I can’t help myself. Hey Indians I’ve been holding back my feelings so I’ve got some things to say to you. I’d seen it all so I thought that I’d never see nobody fail the way you do. The way you hit (or not), the way you run, the way you play the game, you’re frustrating, even bad sometimes and it’s gotta change. Hey Indians people may be leaving but I think I’ll stick around awhile. Because I can’t help it if when you play like a bad team I still wanna watch watch every day and night. Come feel this magic I’ve been feeling since the season began, I can’t help it if there’s no one else. I can’t help myself. They’re turning the lights on, you’re ready to play, why won’t you try tonight? I’ve waited so long now so come out and try now and shine, shine, shine. Hey Indians, I can give 50 reasons why you should listen to me. Now all those other teams They may be wonderful but would I write a song for them? I can’t help if you play like all stars, can’t help it if I wanna watch you every day and night. Come feel this magic I’ve first saw you, can’t help it if there’s no one else. I can’t help myself.
PS Taylor Swift helped out a lot on this one.
I hope they watch or say something like this in the locker room before the game tonight:
You know with all the cheesy cliche statements too. I think that is the only thing that will help them at this point.


The Indians won again tonight! Aaron Laffey, Lewis’ replacement, nearly gave me a heart attack in the first inning but he got out of a bases loaded one out jam beautifully and it was smooth sailing until the sixth inning from there. Unfortunately for aaron Jensen Lewis was not quite as commanding as he has been recently and gave up two runs that were charged to Laffey taking away his chance for a win on his 24th birthday. But the Indians won on his 24th birthday and Kerry Wood collected his first save as an Indian. It was a great game and I was thrilled to finally see another victory. 

I have a song of encouragement for my boys as they head off to New York to face my most favorite team ever (sarcasm definitely intended) the Yankees.
Change- Taylor Swift
And it’s a sad picture, the final blow hits ya,
Somebody else gets what you wanted again
You know its all the same, another time and place,
Repeating history and you’re getting sick of it
But I believe in whatever you do 
And I’ll do anything to see it through
It was the night things changed
Can you see it now?
Those walls that they put up to hold us back fell down?
This revolution, throw your hands up,
because we never gave in
We’ll sing hallelujah, we sang hallelujah, hallelujah
The Indians’ season so far has been rather sad and they have watched for years as everyone else seems to get what they want but eventually it will change. They will eventually start winning. I just hope it starts in New York where it does not really seem fair that this team that will definitely be struggling to keep it together in these economic times has to play a team that can spend billions of dollars on players and a new stadium. I am not blaming the Yankees for having money, it just does not seem fair. Bu the Indians can win and I hope they do. I hope they take this win today as a sign that they have the talent to win any game this season. GO TRIBE!
I strongly suggest clicking on the thumbnails and seeing what I named the pictures. Especially if your name is Jordan and if I remember right you think my names for pictures are funny.

Back into the Swing of Things

Isn’t this a funny picture?

Kerry Wood has been dealing with a sore back for a few days. It is fortunately not anything to worry about according to Wood, Carl Willis (Indians’ Pitching coach), Eric Wedge, and the Cubs’ trainer. Wood says this happens every year at the beginning of the Spring and it usually only sets him back a day or two. Since the Indians were already planning on easing him back into baseball there is very little concern over Wood’s health in Goodyear.

Baseball players are goofy aren’t they?

Also Mark DeRosa and Lou Pinella get along just fine. They actually talked to DeRosa today and I can not see how anyone would not get along with him. He was very affable and personable and I really like him. I also liked it when he called Grady “the best leadoff hitter in baseball.” I completely agree.
The Indians lost again today, but I do not care that much. It is just fun to be watching baseball again. We had the lead for awhile and scored 9 runs so I think we did okay. Our pitching was fine until we got into late relief. It was good to get some new guys out there and get them some experience too. I also love seeing the new players and really getting to see where the Indians are going. I see big things in their future from what I have seen this spring. 
This is something I want to see a lot this year.
I am so excited for this season. If Grady and DeRosa keep up what they have been doing in Spring Training we will have a very potent 1-2 punch at the beginning of the lineup. And we should Victor and Hafner back strong with a powerful Jhonny Peralta and a powerful Choo as well. Our lineup is going to be scary. I am ready to see it in action.
Hat List
Sorry I forgot to put this up yesterday. I was really tired.

Los Angeles Angels: 1
Oakland Atletics: 0 
Texas Rangers: 0
Seattle Mariners: 0
Chicago White Sox: 3 (2)
Cleveland Indians: 2 (1)
Kansas City Royals: 1 (1) I also did not think I would ever see one of these.
Minnesota Twins: 0
Detroit Tigers: 4 (3)
Boston Red Sox: 14 (8)
New York Yankees: 11 (6) 
Toronto Blue Jays: 1 (Never thought I’d see one of those!)
Baltimore Orioles: 2 (1)
Tampa Bay Rays: 0 
Chicago Cubs: 5 (1)
St. Louis Cardinals: 1 
Milwaukee Brewers: 0
ttsburgh Pirates: 1 (1) 
Houston Astros: 0
Cincinnati Reds: 0
San Diego Padres: 1 (1)
Arizona Diamondbacks: 1 
Los Angeles Dodgers: 2 (1)
San Francisco Giants: 1 (1)
Colorado Rockies: 0
Atlanta Braves: 15 (5)
Washington Nationals: 1 
New York Mets: 1 (1)
Philadelphia Phillies: 1(1) 
Florida Marlins: 0

Today’s Winner:

sox cap.jpg

I have a question for Tribe fans: Since I was not raised an Indians fan I just want to know how big a deal the rivalry between the Tigers and Indians really is? As a Cardinals fan as well I am used to Cards/Cubs, which is a huge deal, and I just do not get the feeling that the Tigers/Indians rivalry is as big. Maybe I am wrong. I feel like for me anyway there is more of a rivalry with the Yankees and Red Sox even though they are not in our division. Maybe that is just because i do not like them (well the Red Sox are growing on me) or maybe it is just because they are good teams or maybe it comes from the playoffs 2 years ago. I do not know. Give me oyur thoughts, I am just srt of curious.

Picture Credits: Photos from the Plain Dealer http://www.cleveland.com/tribe/
Thanks to MLB.com for the stories on Wood and DeRosa.

My Project

Hey y’all!

So remember how Mets’ Main Main had a project he was working on a while ago. Now I have my own. It is not quite the same thing as his was, but it is a project nonetheless. I am doing a sort of experiment here at Clemson. I will count the number of different teams’ baseball hats I see each day. For probably about a week. I love doing this unofficially already so I think I will enjoy myself.
Today’s News

Yesterday Grady Sizemore and Shin Soo Choo collided during practice. Choo had to leave the field with a bruised knee but came back about twenty minutes later. Never fear, Grady was unscathed. He joked later that Choo must have forgotten he was a linebacker. Fun Fact: Grady primarily played running back but did play some linebacker. He also played basket ball and obviously baseball. He was recruited by Clemson (!) and other schools for football and baseball, but chose University of Washington. That eventually did not matter when he signed with the Expos right out of high school but it is interesting anyway.
Travis Hafner hit outside for the first time yesterday and is continuing to do so today. He says he feels 100% better so he should be good for the year. Wedge said he does not have to be at his best just solid. I think that should do a lot to give him more confidence. He does not have to worry about being perfect just good. Confidence is most of baseball so any help he can get in that area will be great. I have high hopes for him this year; I think he will be much better. If you combine a much better Travis Hafner with an all better Victor Martinez we are going to be awesome this year.
As far as pitching goes there is some unsettling news on the Carmona front. Apparently he did not show up to camp this year in the best condition. He is scheduled to be the second starter in the rotation and this news is not very pleasing for the Indians. If Carmona is not in good shape and not pitching well the whole staff may collapse. While the younger pitchers and Cliff Lee are looking good, Cliff will not have the same year he had last year and the younger pitchers are just that young. No one knows what to expect from Pavano so Carmona needs to be strong and in good shape. He will pitch in Friday’s Spring Training game against the Padres at Goodyear Park so I guess we will see then.
The Indians have an intrasquad match tomorrow and I will be sure to bring you all the news!
Today’s Hats So Far:
Los Angeles Angels: 1
Oakland Atletics: 0 
Texas Rangers: 0
Seattle Mariners: 0
Chicago White Sox: 0
Cleveland Indians: 1
Kansas City Royals: 0
Minnesota Twins: 0
Detroit Tigers: 1
Boston Red Sox: 6
New York Yankees: 2 
Toronto Blue Jays: 1 (Never thought I’d see one of those!)
Baltimore Orioles: 1
Tampa Bay Rays: 0 
Chicago Cubs: 4
St. Louis Cardinals: 1 
Milwaukee Brewers: 0
Pittsburgh Pirates: 0
Houston Astros: 0
Cincinnati Reds: 0
San Diego Padres: 0
Arizona Diamondbacks: 1 
Los Angeles Dodgers: 1
San Francisco Giants: 0
Colorado Rockies: 0
Atlanta Braves: 7
Washington Nationals: 1 
New York Mets: 0
Philadelphia Phillies: 0 
Florida Marlins: 0
Today’s Winner:
braves hat.jpg

Did you see me?

Hey y’all!

We won! 93-64! And I was there, as promised, in the front row! And as promised: I have pictures!
My friend Casey getting painted while we waited in line.
My friends Evan and Hillary getting excited for the game.
There’s all of us! I am the “L.”
Our backs. Bobo is the nickname of our Romanian basketball player. He is really friendly and some of the girls in our group know him really well. I am the “O” in the “LOVE.”
So apparently we were on TV a lot. It was a lot of fun and we made friends with the ESPN camera guy so that’s why we got on TV. We also had about five signs. Well more because we Had Good Call/Bad Call signs, but they took those away. The camera guy was angry when they took those because he was filming us with them and they messed up the shot.
Also I have no voice this morning. My friend told me this morning that I sounded like h***. Excuse my implied language. I was quoting. 
Okay on to baseball.
As you know the Indians had their first official workout yesterday. I am apparently not very good at time zone geography and did not realize that Arizona is actually in Mountain Time Zone so they are actually only 2 hours behind. Sorry. I think it went pretty well from all reports. 
Wedge gave his annual Spring Pep Talk yesterday morning before practice started. He is apparently a very good motivator and really got the players “fired up” in the words of Matt LaPorta. Wedge says he believes that the team this year has the talent to finally reach a World Series. I hope he’s right. I am ready for a World Series. I hope they have an awesome year.
The Indians as a whole seem to want the steroids issue to disappear. I agree. Grady said, “…These are the juicy stories people want to talk about, so let them talk about it. But from a player’s standpoint, you want what happened in the past to stay in the past. We have a good program in place, so let’s go from there.”
I agree with him. It is important for the players, the fans, and everyone else to just move on. I know steroids are an important issue but if we continue to dwell on it, it will only get worse. The quicker we move one and continue random drug tests and give proper punishments for steroid use eventually the steroid issue will be a thing of the past. I know it will not forgive any of the wrongs committed in the past but it is important to look toward the future and not dwell on the past.
Have a fabulous day!
Spring Training picture: Photos from the Plain Dealer http://photos.cleveland.com/plain-dealer/2009/02/s18tribeajpg_1.html
Thanks to mlb.com and Anthony Castrovince for the articles I cited!