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The Indians finally won a game! Yay for 1-5! Maybe it was divine intervention, it is Easter after all. The point is the Erie Warriors have finally put pitching and offense together to beat the Blue Jays!

1st inning: Grady walks (he amazingly did not swing the bat once… I bet that was hard for him). Then he steals second. Then he goes to third on what the scorer apparently thought was a wild pitch (I beg to differ, clearly a steal) and then goes home on a throwing error! Grady just ran his way home!
3rd inning: Grady walks again! Mark DeRosa crushes a home run to left. 
5th inning: Here’s where it gets good. After Martinez and Hafner strike out (purcey had ten total strikeouts today) Jhonny Peralta singles to right. Shin Soo Choo walks. Ryan Garko walks. Bases loaded for Trevor Crowe, my project. Earlier in the game Trevor had been up in the same situation. He was probably nervous and anxious to get his first hit in the majors and it showed. He struck out swinging at a pitch he probably should not have swung at. He broke his bat on his knee he was so frustrated. He said after the game he was embarrassed about that but I forgive him (I actually thought it was funny). So what does Trevor do this time? He hits two-run double and finally gets not only his first Major League hit but his first two RBI’s as well. 
8th inning: After DeRosa strikes out, Martinez walks. Travis Hafner, who was 0-3 with three strikouts, hits a home run to right-center giving the Indians the 7-4 lead. Jhonny Peralta doubles. Shin Soo Choo singles and scores Jhonny. 
9th inning: After going 3-0 to Scott Rolen Kerry Wood throws him three strikes to strike him out. He then proceeds to strike out the next two Blue Jay hitters. Awesome. Best game of the season. That is not really saying a lot but it is something.
Tomorrow the Indians travel to Kansas City to play the Royals. The Royals are pitching Zack Grienke and the Indians are pitching Fausto Carmona. I am not really sure how I feel about this match-up. Grienke is really good but I personally think Carmona has Cy Young talent if he can just control his emotions. I guess we will have to wait and see. Maybe Grady will choose this series to finally start to really hit. He has shown sign of life but he is still not quite right.
I am dedicating this entry to Trevor Crowe.

Indians this Week

Sorry if this is boring but I thought I would post the article I wrote for MLB Center this week. I have already mentioned some things in the article but it is a good general overview of Tribe happenings in the past week.

The WBC was bittersweet for me tonight. I want Mark DeRosa in camp but I want the US to do well too. They were playing with Japan for awhile but they just let it get away from them. It was a good run for the US though. They faced a lot of difficulties and still managed to have strong showing on an international stage. Good job guys!

The Indians made their second cut this week. They cut
fifteen players trimming their roster from 59 to 44. They sent down one
prospect for the fifth rotation spot and three prospects for the last bullpen
spot. Some notable cuts include Tony Sipp, LHP, David Huff, LHP, Carlos
Santana, C, and Wes Hodges, 3B. Tony Sipp is still recovering from Tommy John
Surgery so the Indians are being careful with him. He has made a good
impression so far in camp. David Huff was somewhat of a surprise to be cut but
recently suffered some soreness in his arm, which slowed his progress. He was
competing for the fifth rotation spot but is no longer being considered to get
the spot out of Spring Training. Carlos Santana has lived up to expectations
offensively and has highly impressed the Indians. However Eric Wedge thinks he
needs a little more practice handling a pitching staff. Santana has been called
the Indians’ top minor league prospect. Wes Hodges was very successful
offensively but needs a little more work defensively at third.

Sunday’s Cactus League game Cliff Lee started against the Rockies at Hi Corbett
Field in Tucson, Arizona. Lee looked commanding giving up two runs and striking
out three. He said after the game that he feels ready for the season. He added
that from now on in Spring Training starts he will be pitching as if he is
pitching a regular season game. So Lee should start to look like he should look
in the regular season in the last couple of weeks of the spring.

Carmona is reportedly fine after taking a line drive to his arm in an
intrasquad game at Goodyear Park in Arizona. He threw a bullpen session
Saturday and felt fine. He is scheduled to start Tuesday’s game against the
White Sox at Goodyear.

Reyes has had a very strong spring so far. He threw five scoreless innings on
Saturday. As long as he stays healthy he should be a lock for the fourth
rotation spot.

Pavano has allowed twelve runs so far on fifteen hits. He has not had a very
impressive spring so far according to the numbers but he says he feels better
than he has in years and feels he is making progress. As long as he continues
to feel good he will be in the rotation.

fifth rotation spot will probably come down to Scott Lewis and Aaron Laffey
although Jeremy Sowers is another possibility. Zach Jackson was formerly
competing for the spot but now he seems to be more likely to get the last spot
in the bullpen if anything. Scott Lewis has made a strong showing this spring
and has thoroughly impressed Eric Wedge. Wedge says that Lewis is definitely
high on the list for the fifth spot. Aaron Laffey came into to Spring Training
as the favorite for the job. However he has a rough spring so far with an ERA
of 6.92. But Wedge does not place too much stock in Spring Training statistics;
he is more concerned with seeing progress from his players. Wedge also stresses
that there is a lot of time still left in this year’s extended Spring Training.

Team USA’s nine to four loss to Japan Sunday night, Mark DeRosa will be heading
back to Goodyear. Wedge cannot wait until he returns so he can get him some
more typical Spring Training work to ensure that he is prepared for the regular
season. DeRosa’s return should also help him become more acclimated to the
team. Shin Soo Choo, the Indians only player left in the Classic, will be
playing in the final game tomorrow night for South Korea against Japan. The
winner will be the new World Baseball Classic Champion. Choo has been out of
camp since February 24. He has had two hits in the Classic in only twelve at
bats. There is some concern that he has not been getting the work he needs to
prepare him for the season.

I am an RA!

Hey everyone!

I cannot find anything anywhere about what is going on in Arizona so i have no Indians news. Sorry. Hopefully later.
There is an update on my life though. I am now officially an RA for next year. I had my interview about 2 weeks ago and I found out today I got the job. I was very excited. 
I lied. I have one Indians update. The Indians have decided to stop trying to get Shin Soo Choo from South Korea at least until after the first round. Apparently his injury can not be made worse  from hitting and the South Korean team promised to only DH him in the first round. I guess this will be fine since the South Koreans practice in Arizona when they get to the later rounds so the Indians can look at him then. 
So hopefully more later. I am sorry this post was so short but I really could not find anything.

My Project

Hey y’all!

So remember how Mets’ Main Main had a project he was working on a while ago. Now I have my own. It is not quite the same thing as his was, but it is a project nonetheless. I am doing a sort of experiment here at Clemson. I will count the number of different teams’ baseball hats I see each day. For probably about a week. I love doing this unofficially already so I think I will enjoy myself.
Today’s News

Yesterday Grady Sizemore and Shin Soo Choo collided during practice. Choo had to leave the field with a bruised knee but came back about twenty minutes later. Never fear, Grady was unscathed. He joked later that Choo must have forgotten he was a linebacker. Fun Fact: Grady primarily played running back but did play some linebacker. He also played basket ball and obviously baseball. He was recruited by Clemson (!) and other schools for football and baseball, but chose University of Washington. That eventually did not matter when he signed with the Expos right out of high school but it is interesting anyway.
Travis Hafner hit outside for the first time yesterday and is continuing to do so today. He says he feels 100% better so he should be good for the year. Wedge said he does not have to be at his best just solid. I think that should do a lot to give him more confidence. He does not have to worry about being perfect just good. Confidence is most of baseball so any help he can get in that area will be great. I have high hopes for him this year; I think he will be much better. If you combine a much better Travis Hafner with an all better Victor Martinez we are going to be awesome this year.
As far as pitching goes there is some unsettling news on the Carmona front. Apparently he did not show up to camp this year in the best condition. He is scheduled to be the second starter in the rotation and this news is not very pleasing for the Indians. If Carmona is not in good shape and not pitching well the whole staff may collapse. While the younger pitchers and Cliff Lee are looking good, Cliff will not have the same year he had last year and the younger pitchers are just that young. No one knows what to expect from Pavano so Carmona needs to be strong and in good shape. He will pitch in Friday’s Spring Training game against the Padres at Goodyear Park so I guess we will see then.
The Indians have an intrasquad match tomorrow and I will be sure to bring you all the news!
Today’s Hats So Far:
Los Angeles Angels: 1
Oakland Atletics: 0 
Texas Rangers: 0
Seattle Mariners: 0
Chicago White Sox: 0
Cleveland Indians: 1
Kansas City Royals: 0
Minnesota Twins: 0
Detroit Tigers: 1
Boston Red Sox: 6
New York Yankees: 2 
Toronto Blue Jays: 1 (Never thought I’d see one of those!)
Baltimore Orioles: 1
Tampa Bay Rays: 0 
Chicago Cubs: 4
St. Louis Cardinals: 1 
Milwaukee Brewers: 0
Pittsburgh Pirates: 0
Houston Astros: 0
Cincinnati Reds: 0
San Diego Padres: 0
Arizona Diamondbacks: 1 
Los Angeles Dodgers: 1
San Francisco Giants: 0
Colorado Rockies: 0
Atlanta Braves: 7
Washington Nationals: 1 
New York Mets: 0
Philadelphia Phillies: 0 
Florida Marlins: 0
Today’s Winner:
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