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The Final Roster Spots


Yesterday it was confirmed that Josh Barfield won the last position player spot on the Indians’ roster. Many Indians fans are upset about this choice and would rather have Trevor Crowe break camp with the Indians. I am fine with giving this spot to Barfield. Crowe has the potential to be an everyday player and should get the experience of being an everyday player at AAA. I think it makes sense to give Barfield another chance and see how he does in the regular season. he has not had that impressive of a spring but the regular season is a completely different atmosphere. There is no excuse to play poorly because there is no intensity in Spring Training but maybe when the pressure is on he will deliver. 


The Indians lost to the D-Backs yesterday in Tucson. They brought very few of their starters because Arizona trains in Tucson which is 2 1/2 hours form Phoenix and they did not want their starters to travel I guess. They did however bring the two pitchers competing for the last bullpen spot, Zach Jackson and Vinnie Chulk. Zach Jackson gave up earned runs and struck out 4. He walked no one and pitched 4 innings. Chulk pitched 3 innings and gave up no runs and no hits. Chulk’s ERA is 1.72 and Jackson’s is 6.87. According to the numbers I think Chulk should get the job. However Jackson is younger and more durable than Chulk. Jackson can also pitch longer in games because of his background as a starter. 
Short Porch asked me yesterday if Grady Sizemore was my favorite Indian of all time. I would like to explain my answer. Some people may read my answer and think that I only like the Indians because Grady Sizemore is good looking. I hear this all the time and I just want to make sure that everyone realizes that this is untrue. I like the Indians because they are a team with a lot of heart and that plays the game right (even though they do have a DH by virtue of being an American League team). They are a fun team to watch because they all seem to get along and have a very good team spirit. Anthony Castrovince the Indians beat reporter wrote in his blog a couple of weeks ago that he has seen very few cliques on this team. They are a cohesive team on which everyone gets along with each other and everyone goes about their business right. This is another reason I like Grady he is so focused on improving and playing the game right. He is never satisfied with his performance and is incredibly humble which I find refreshing and endearing. I do not like players who think they are all that and like getting attention (I think you know who I mean). I wrote an entry about Grady and my why I am and Indians fan here and here respectively if you want to learn more. Interesting fact: When I first saw Grady Sizemore I did not think he was cute at all. My parents told me that all the girls in Cleveland loved him and I thought they were nuts. Why? Because I saw this picture:
which, I am sorry Grady, is not your best picture.
But then I saw this:
and I was sold. On Grady, not the team. I like the team for the team, not Grady. I also know no one has said that I only like the Indians because of Grady (on here) yet; I just wanted to avoid this issue because it hurts my heart when people think I only like the Indians because of Grady. 
3) http://manoman.mlblogs.com/Grady%20Sizemore.jpg (haha Look an MLB blog helped me out!)