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A Different Holliday Season

I have decided that I will order the blog with Indians, Cardinals, and finally the Tigers unless something huge happens in one of the categories and then that category will go first. For example, today the Cardinals have the biggest news story so they go first.


Matt Holliday has signed with the Cardinals. Finally. That kind of fulfills my first wish for the Cardinals this new year. I don’t have that much of a problem with the money in the deal but seven years is a long time. Let me help you picture this:

In seven years when Matt Holliday’s contract runs out I hope to have not only finished my Undergrad degree but also the first of my Master’s degrees and possibly working on the second one. I hope to be teaching either first grade or special education in an underprivileged elementary school somewhere in the Rockies near Denver or Colorado Springs. I hope to be married with at least one kid and a dog. That’s a lot of life. And Matt Holliday will still be with the Cardinals. It’s kind of scary.
A lot of people are saying that the Cardinals will not be able to afford Pujols now when he becomes a free agent. I, however, find it hard to believe that the Front Office was not taking that into consideration when making this contract with Holliday. I think they are positive that somehow they will be able to come up with the money to sign Pujols when they need to; there is no way this Front Office was going to risk losing Albert. I suppose this may mean higher ticket prices and the Cardinals already have some of the highest in the country but I know that many St. Louisans will see this as a necessary evil. I hope they have some other way to bring in revenue but they may not.
The Indians signed Shelley Duncan and Austin Kearns to minor league deals. Formed Indian Roberto Alomar also missed the Hall of Fame by 1.3%. I hope he eventually gets in and think that he probably will but I really think he deserved to be in this year.
The basketball Tigers lost to Duke on Sunday which was expected. They play Boston College this Saturday. Hopefully I will get to go but ticketing has been weird and very popular this year so I may not get a ticket. I will of course let you know how that turns out.


So my New Year’s Resolution this year is too start writing again. I am going to try to schedule it into my day so I can get back into the habit of writing. I apologize for the long absence but I just got busy and eventually I got out of the habit of posting anything. 

You may have noticed that m title changed. I decided that I will probably talk about the St. Louis Cardinals enough for them to get a mention in my title. I will always love St. Louis so why not talk about them too?

The Indians have not done too much this off season. They lost a player and gained a player in the Rule 5 and have only made a few other moves, including signing Anthony Reyes to a minor league deal after non-tendering him.
Probably their most significant so far has been trading Kelly Shoppach to the Rays for a PTNBL. This leaves the catcher position to Lou Marson, who seems like he could be a very solid player until Santana is ready. I liked Marson a lot from what I saw at the end of 2009.
The Cardinals have had a much more exciting Hot Stove season. They lost Mark DeRosa to the Giants, which made me sad but is probably best for both parties. They signed Brad Penny which is fine with me, just fine. They lost Troy Glaus to the Braves (most likely) which is another move that I approve of. They are currently pursuing Matt Holliday who has reportedly refused their first offer. 
Here is what I want from this offseason for the Cardinals:
1) Matt Holliday- for a reasonable price. With Scott Boras as an agent that may be asking too much. However the market for him does not appear to be too large but you never know what may happen.
2) John Smoltz- I just like him a lot.
3) No more Rick Ankiel- He has a great story but I think it’s time he go somewhere else. I wish him well wherever that is.

The football Tigers lost a heartbreaker to Georgia Tech, solidifying my hatred for the Yellow Jackets. They went on to the Music City Bowl which was obviously a much worse bowl than they deserved and is a prime example of how the bowl system is screwed up and beat Kentucky. Although they looked terrible doing it. I got to go and it was a lot of fun. It was very cold though. It even started flurrying which prompted cries of “Snow!” from the Clemson fans and no reaction from the Kentucky fans. I will miss CJ Spiller next year and I hope the NFL sees how much better he is than the College Football world gives him credit for and he goes with a very early pick in the Draft.
The basketball Tigers lost a heartbreaker to Illinois during Finals week. I was there and it was terrible watching the Illini climb back into the game after Clemson led by 20 points at one time. I don’t have very high hopes for this team this year; they just don’t seem as smart as they did last year.
Stuff you expected me to mention…
Grady’s pictures- I haven’t seen them and I don’t plan on it. It was stupid for him to put them on the Internet if he didn’t want anyone to see them. That is my only comment.
Picture of the Day
Lou Marson- What’s not to like?