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First Workout and Basketball


The Indians will have their first full official workout today from 10-1 in Arizona. So in about 2 hours all of the 60 spring training invitees will be on the field in Goodyear. I am so excited. I am actually very upset right now that they are not in Florida because if they were they would have started already. Instead I have to wait an extra 3 hours for everything to happen in Arizona. Pacific time zone stinks!

The Indians still are not sure what they are doing about the catcher situation. I know y’all are probably sick of hearing about this silly catcher situation if you are not Indians fans (or maybe even if you are) but it is kind of important. Basically the Indians have two catchers. However one of them can play first base as well. I think right now the plan is for Kelly Shoppach to catch Cliff Lee for sure and for Victor Martinez to catch Fausto Carmona for sure, but that is all they know right now. When Shoppach is catching Victor will most likely be playing first or maybe DHing depending on how Travis Hafner is doing. That means our everyday first baseman Ryan Garko may need to learn some new positions like outfield. Personally I think the outfield is an odd choice for Grako since he is not the fastest person in the world but again I trust Wedge and maybe it will work out. Still all I really see right now is the outfielders doing sprints with Garko lagging way behind everyone else. It is actually kind of a funny picture in my head. So the Indians will have a very different looking infield and possibly outfield than they have had in the past. 
Look! It’s my picture in my head, except he’s keeping up!
All the changes and newness makes me excited. I want to see how everything works out. Apparently Grady going to the WBC is actually going to help the entire team out a lot because it will give Wedge time to try different players in center to find a true backup center fielder after we traded Franklin Gutierrez this winter. So while some people may say Grady is abandoning his team to play in the WBC he is actually helping them out!
That is Tanner Smith on the bottom. My roommate knows him; they were in Sociology together last semester. 🙂
One more thing, tonight Clemson plays Maryland at Littlejohn Colosseum in Clemson. I will be there in the front row! So look for me! I will give you a hint: I will not be my natural color. 😉
Cleveland Pictures: Photos from the Plain Dealer http://photos.cleveland.com/plain-dealer/
Basketball Picture: http://media.charlotteobserver.com/smedia/2009/01/03/18/688-E_Carolina_Clemson_Basketba_04.embedded.prod_affiliate.138.JPG