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I hate off days.

I hate them. They are boring and since everyone and their mom has an off day today there is really nothing to do. UPDATE: Two more games are postponed and another is in a delay. At this rate there will be no baseball at all. 

This is what I do on off days. Watch videos of my crazy friends who dress up in bunny suits and steal people out of tour groups. This same person showed up in my room at like one o’clock with a flashlight shining in my face. Don’t worry they knew the girl they kidnapped from the tour. Funny story: One person in the tour group says, “That was creepy.” Another says immediately afterwards, “That makes me really want to go here.” We do our best to help the tour guides out.
So I will make my entry about something that caused a lot of discussion on Facebook today. So if you are not on Facebook I will explain to you what happened. There is an application on Facebook called Living Social. This application allows you to procrastinate even more or pay even lass attention in class by letting you pick your top five of anything such as Favorite Pro Sports Teams (Cleveland Indians, St. Louis Cardinals, Manchester United, Texas rangers, and Indianapolis Colts) or Celebrity Crushes (Grady Sizemore, Channing Tatum, Jacoby Ellsbury, Ian Kinsler, Nick Markakis), etc. You may think that this would get old but as anyone who has Facebook and is familiar with any application they never get old, ever. I have done about five million of these top five lists (exaggeration, but a lot) and eventually ran out of lists to do. So I made my own. I entitled it Baseball’s Best Fans. Here is my list with explanations. 

Let the arguing begin.
5) I don’t remember. I used it a long time ago.