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Mark McGwire Comes Clean



Today former Cardinal player and new Cardinal Hitting Coach Mark McGwire admitted to using steroids off and on for about a decade. Thank you Mark for finally admitting this. We all pretty much knew but thank you. Now, everyone else, can we move on please? He has admitted it, said it was “foolish”, and apologized. When A-Rod got caught and apologized you forgave him. When Andy Petitte got caught and admitted it you forgave him? Why do I have a feeling you will not be forgiving McGwire? McGwire admitted to this when he didn’t have to. His name wasn’t leaked from the list like A-Rod’s, there was very little substantial evidence outing him and he admitted to it anyway. His apology, to me, gains a lot more credibility because of this. I hope the media takes a bit of time on this and then moves on like they did just last year with A-Rod. (Note: When I say “you” I am not necessarily addressing YOU the reader of this blog but mostly the media people.)
It’s pretty quiet on the Indians front. 
UPDATE: Indians sign Mark Grudzielanek to a minor league deal.
The basketball Tigers beat Boston College! I was there in the third row on the floor! They play the Tar Heels Wednesday. I cannot attend this game because I have work. But that’s okay, I don’t want to sleep in the 30 degree weather anyway. This game may be closer than expected. UNC has been a little off lately. We can only hope.