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What did Grady Sizemore do on his Day off?

Hey everyone!

The Indians lost yesterday, 8-4, to the Angels. BUT they got Jared Weaver out of the game in less than an inning, Travis Hafner had his first multi-hit game this Spring, and Kerry Wood pitched a perfect inning. This game also featured Ryan Garko in right who made a great basket catch that reminded the announcers of Willy Mays Hayes from Major League. So this was really not a loss at all! See how much I care about the scores of ST games?
Grady was off yesterday and thanks to Orangebird we know what he was doing with his extra time:
grady reads my blogjpg.jpg
He was catching up on my blog! haha
So I thought I would post my rough-rough draft of my speech. I had some computer issues so I had to rewrite the Introduction at like 2 in the morning so that part may not be that great. I will also be adding things from the books I got and MLB Networks 30 Clubs in 30 Days special next Tuesday night. I will also have to take a few things out because it is way too long right now. But this is the general direction I am taking.

History of Cleveland Baseball


I. It is Game 7 of the ALCS. The
Red Sox are leading 3-2 in the top of the seventh. Kenny Lofton is on second
thanks to an error by shortstop Julio Lugo. Franklin Gutierrez hits a shot down
the third base line. It ricochets of the wall into short left center where
Manny Ramirez picks it up. Kenny Lofton is held at third for fear of being
thrown out at home. Casey Blake, one of the best clutch hitters in the league
steps in. He hits into an inning ending double play. Can the Tribe come back in
the late innings and pull off a Game 7 victory and make it to the World Series
for the first time in ten years?

II. Cleveland has a long and rich
baseball history dating all the way back to 1869.

III. Cleveland’s early years range
from the worst in baseball to the best in baseball. Cleveland baseball teams
have won two World Series Championships: 1920 and 1948. However the Curse of
Rocky Colavito has kept them from another championship ring for sixty years,
the second longest unbroken championship drought in baseball. The future of the
Cleveland Indians is bright and filled with rising stars.


The early years of Cleveland baseball saw baseball in Cleveland rise from             the
worst to the best.

Cleveland’s owner sent its best players, including Cy Young, to St.                                     Louis
to popularize baseball there causing the Cleveland Spiders to                                     achieve
the worst record in baseball history, 20-134.

                        B.  In 1901 Ben Johnson, the creator of the
American League, founded                                     his
league and created a team in Cleveland making the Cleveland                                     Indians
one of the four charter members of the American League.

Early Cleveland stars included Napoleon Lajoie, giving the team                                     their
first nickname The Naps, Addie Joss, and Joe Jackson of Black Sox                         Scandal

Cy Young returned to Cleveland in 1909 to finish his career where                                     he
got his start.

After the 1914 season the nickname Indians was chosen for the                                     team.

The Indians have won two World Series Championships in their history.

In 1920 the Indians played the Brooklyn Dodgers in the World                                            Series.
They beat the Dodgers five games to two.

The road to the Series was a tough one. The shortstop of the                                                 Indians
was fatally hit by a pitch while playing the Yankees in                                                 August.
Joe Sowell replaced him and began his own All satr                                                 career.

The Indians’ Elmer Smith hit the first grand slam in World                                                 Series
history in game 5.

The Indians won their next World Series in 1948. They beat the                                     Boston
Braves in six games.

The Indians led the league in batting average, earned run                                                 average,
and fielding percentage in the 1948 season.

The road to the World Series included a historic one game                                                 playoff
for the pennant against the Boston Red Sox.

The Indians have not won another World Series in over sixty years giving                         them
the second longest unbroken Championship drought in baseball behind only
the Cubs. Like the Cubs the Indians have a curse which has supposedly kept
World Series wins from them, the Curse of Rocky Colavito.

Colavito was one of the Indians’ top young players in 1955.

In 1960 the new management of the Indians traded Colavito to the                                     Indians’
biggest rival, the Detroit Tigers.

The Cleveland Indians’ future looks bright despite 2008’s struggles with             the
emergence of young, rising stars.

The 2008 season marked a year of struggle and disappointment for                                     the

The Indians’ designated hitter, Travis Hafner, and star                                                 catcher,
Victor Martinez, were sidelined early with injuries.

Without the bats of Hafner and Martinez the Indians had                                                 trouble
adjusting and could not get their offense going.

With the exception of Cliff Lee the Indians pitchers suffered                                                 without
the foundation of a strong bullpen and starter Jake Westbrook who was out for the season after undergoing Tommy John surgery.                                              

Midseason saw the Indians trade away their Cy Young                                                 Award
winner CC Sabathia to the Brewers.

Despite being last in the division the Indians climbed to third                                     in
the division with an 81-81 record during the second half of the season.                                             

Grady Sizemore is the Indians’ centerfielder.

He has been to three consecutive All Star Games.

He has won three consecutive Gold Glove Awards.

Last year he won his first Silver Slugger Award.

Last year he also became only the second Indians player and                                                 sixth
American League player to steal thirty bases and hit thirty home runs in one season.                                                 

He is incredibly humble and shy and shuns the spotlight and                                                 is
consequently believed by experts to be one of the most underrated players in the game.         

Cliff Lee is the Indians staff ace.

In 2007 Lee battled through injury issues and never found                                                 his

Last season he came back and won twenty-two games and                                                 lost
only three to become the American League Cy Young Award winner.                                            


In Cleveland baseball’s early years Cleveland saw the worst team in baseball grow                        into the best. The nickname of Indians was also chosen during this
time. In 1920 and 1948 the Indians won the only two championships the franchise
has ever won. In 1960 the Curse of Rocky Colavito is said to have taken
affect and has allegedly kept the Indians from winning a Championship since.
Although 2008 saw the Indians stumble the Indians appear to have             bright
future with young stars like Grady Sizemore and Cliff Lee.

So did the Indians manage to come back and beat the Red Sox in Game 7 of the
2007 ALCS? Well in the bottom of the seventh Rafael Betancourt comes on
in relief of Jake Westbrook. Casey Blake makes an error allowing Jacoby Ellsbury
to get on base and bringing Dustin Pedroia up to bat. Betancourt gives
up a two run home run to Pedroia giving the Red Sox a five to two lead to
end the seventh. The Indians were unable to figure out Boston’s closer Jonathan
Papelbon in the next two innings but the Red Sox managed to score six
more runs to give the Red Sox the eleven to two win and send them to the World
Series. However these struggles have not stopped Cleveland fans from believing,
“It’s Tribe time now!”

I’m sorry if it is hard to read. My computer issues appear to have transferred to here as well so I did my best to make it readable but it may not be. Yes I did almost cry writing that Introduction and Conclusion. It was very upsetting.

He won’t be like a gazelle…

Hey everyone if you like Fantasy Baseball or have never played but want to try join our MLB Bloggers league exclusively for people with an MLB blog. If you are interested leave a comment for Chris over at Confessions of a Baseball Fan!
Baseball Today:

The Indians forced a tie against the Royals in… SURPRISE!, Arizona. Sorry. It had to be done and no one else has so yeah I went there.

Jhonny Peralta and Kelly Shoppach both homered today. Shoppach to lead off the 2nd and Peralta in the thrid. Peralta is on quite a hot streak and is 7 for 11 this Spring. 
Then they brought in Ed Mujica. I have made it very clear how I feel about Mujica. I have only one question. Why? Why do we continue to bring in a guy who gives up a grand slam to Alex Gordon ad then immediately another home run to Buck? I know it is only Spring Training but he was like this last year too. 
Anthony Reyes had a great start. He pitched 2 innings and gave up 3 hits, no runs, and struck out 2. He is looking good and hopefully his visit to USC’s pitching coach has fixed whatever made him hurt his elbow all the time.
Tony Sipp went to Clemson! Clemson baseball players are everywhere! Anyway he pitched one scoreless inning today so he is pretty awesome.
Quote of the day from Captain Obvious on the radio (sorry I do not know their names, I fail): “Ryan Garko is not going to run like a gazelle…” The other announcer went on to explain to all of us helpless fans that “he won’t be like Grady Sizemore or anything…”
Thanks guys. I did not know that. I was actually expecting that so now I know not to be disappointed. 🙂 I laughed out loud when they had that little exchange. Actually though Garko has been doing okay in left field. He may not be the best outfielder ever but he has the basics down and you can tell he has trying his best.
Lesson for the day:
does not equal this:
or this:
2) http://z.about.com/d/cleveland/1/0/b/U/-/-/indians-garko.jpg
4) http://halftimeadjustments.files.wordpress.com/2007/11/gradycatch.jpg

Poor Baby

Hey everyone!

Grady will not be going to the WBC after all. I was not sure how to feel when I heard the news today. I actually read the news. I was looking at my iPod in class (bad me) and read the headline saying Sizemore was not going to the WBC and I said, probably too loud, “He’s not?” I read the whole article and while I am disappointed that he is not going I ma happy that he will betaking cae of himself and making sure he does not get worse before the regular season. I know he is very disappointed; you can see his press conference and read the article here and see what I mean. My response (inside this time) was “Poor baby!” when I read the whole article. Grady rarely gets hurt so this is not common and I guess I knew it was only a matter of time before he did get hurt. I am just glad this is just Spring Training.
Speaking of Grady I forgot to mention yesterday that he stole his first base of the “season” in yesterday’s game. This stolen base was actually one of Grady’s signs that he should not go to the WBC. So to commemorate this event here is this:
The Indians and Padres are playing as I write this and the Indians are winning 5-2 after a 3 RBI/2 home run day for Victor Martinez. Ryan Garko debuted in the outfield today as well. He made a somewhat difficult catch I suppose with the sun and all. Overall I guess he did a fine job in left field and he says he feels okay, which is important.We are having a pretty good day; hopefully we can pull out a win for the first time today. Bud Black just got hit with a flying bat! Scary. Another highlight of the day: I got to see David Eckstein play today as well! That was exciting.
My mom wants me to tell everyone that she sent me an awesome care package the other day. And I must say I agree. It was the day before Spring Training started and she sent a package full of baseball movies (where I got Major League), peanuts, cotton candy, Big League Choo (Chew), Cracker Jack, and sunflower seeds. It was a very good package. I also got Indians earrings and a keychain.
Hat List:

Los Angeles Angels: 2 (1)
Oakland Atletics: 0 
Texas Rangers: 0
Seattle Mariners: 0
Chicago White Sox: 3 (2)
Cleveland Indians: 4 (2)
Kansas City Royals: 1 (1) I also did not think I would ever see one of these.
Minnesota Twins: 0
Detroit Tigers: 6 (2)
Boston Red Sox: 18 (4)
New York Yankees: 11 (6) 
Toronto Blue Jays: 1 (Never thought I’d see one of those!)
Baltimore Orioles: 2 (1)
Tampa Bay Rays: 0 
Chicago Cubs: 5 (1)
St. Louis Cardinals: 2 (1) 
Milwaukee Brewers: 0
Pittsburgh Pirates: 1 (1) 
Houston Astros: 0
Cincinnati Reds: 0
San Diego Padres: 2 (1)
Arizona Diamondbacks: 1 
Los Angeles Dodgers: 3 (1)
San Francisco Giants: 1 (1)
Colorado Rockies: 0
Atlanta Braves: 19 (4)
Washington Nationals: 1 
New York Mets: 1 (1)
Philadelphia Phillies: 1(1) 
Florida Marlins: 0

Today’s Winners:
Thumbnail image for sox cap.jpg  and Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for braves hat.jpg

First Workout and Basketball


The Indians will have their first full official workout today from 10-1 in Arizona. So in about 2 hours all of the 60 spring training invitees will be on the field in Goodyear. I am so excited. I am actually very upset right now that they are not in Florida because if they were they would have started already. Instead I have to wait an extra 3 hours for everything to happen in Arizona. Pacific time zone stinks!

The Indians still are not sure what they are doing about the catcher situation. I know y’all are probably sick of hearing about this silly catcher situation if you are not Indians fans (or maybe even if you are) but it is kind of important. Basically the Indians have two catchers. However one of them can play first base as well. I think right now the plan is for Kelly Shoppach to catch Cliff Lee for sure and for Victor Martinez to catch Fausto Carmona for sure, but that is all they know right now. When Shoppach is catching Victor will most likely be playing first or maybe DHing depending on how Travis Hafner is doing. That means our everyday first baseman Ryan Garko may need to learn some new positions like outfield. Personally I think the outfield is an odd choice for Grako since he is not the fastest person in the world but again I trust Wedge and maybe it will work out. Still all I really see right now is the outfielders doing sprints with Garko lagging way behind everyone else. It is actually kind of a funny picture in my head. So the Indians will have a very different looking infield and possibly outfield than they have had in the past. 
Look! It’s my picture in my head, except he’s keeping up!
All the changes and newness makes me excited. I want to see how everything works out. Apparently Grady going to the WBC is actually going to help the entire team out a lot because it will give Wedge time to try different players in center to find a true backup center fielder after we traded Franklin Gutierrez this winter. So while some people may say Grady is abandoning his team to play in the WBC he is actually helping them out!
That is Tanner Smith on the bottom. My roommate knows him; they were in Sociology together last semester. 🙂
One more thing, tonight Clemson plays Maryland at Littlejohn Colosseum in Clemson. I will be there in the front row! So look for me! I will give you a hint: I will not be my natural color. 😉
Cleveland Pictures: Photos from the Plain Dealer http://photos.cleveland.com/plain-dealer/
Basketball Picture: http://media.charlotteobserver.com/smedia/2009/01/03/18/688-E_Carolina_Clemson_Basketba_04.embedded.prod_affiliate.138.JPG