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Fun Times in Cleveland Again!

Sorry I have not been posting. It has been a rough few days. And yes I mean for the Indians and therefore also me. I, like many of you I am sure, allow the Indians wins and losses affect my mood. I am very frustrated with the Indians right now so I do not have too much to say about them.

A few key points:
1) Curtis Granderson chose a real bad time to be a good center fielder. He was just starting to get on my good side and then he goes and kills poor Grady’s chances of coming through in the clutch, something he has struggled with all year. If Granderson makes Grady look that sad again I will never forgive him. Right now he will have to wait about a year for my forgiveness. I am sure this break’s Granderson’ s heart, too. 
2) Grady did still get his RBI for the series today in the 2nd inning.
3) The Indians showed some fight in the bottom of the ninth by scoring 2 and bringing the winning run to the plate in the form of Shin Soo Choo. Choo hit a lazy fly ball into right field to end the inning, but they at least appeared to come together a little bit towards the end of the game. 
4) I am REALLY not a fan of Curtis Granderson. Oh wait, I already said that. Sorry. I am just really not.
To cheer myself up I have been going to Texts from Last Night, a great R-Rated website that I do not advise young children visit and watching Major League and two YouTube videos religiously. The first was found on Plunking Gomez a couple of weeks ago. The second is its sequel and is found below.
Happy Mother’s Day everyone! Moms are great people make sure you let yours know how much you love her today!