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Top Ten reasons to Love Baseball

At the risk of coming off completely shallow I will be doing something fun tonight. I think y’all know me well enough to know that I am not really shallow so I ma not too worried. My roommate is gone for the night and her boyfriend/my best friend (yes it is awkward sometimes) is too so I am a little bored. Plus the basketball game is a blowout (Go Tarheels and fellow Missorian Tyler Hansborough) so I had nothing to do.

The Ten Things I Look Forward to on Opening Day
10. Josh Hamilton- He is cute mainly because of his personality. He is a fun guy who has been through a lot and you have to love his return to Christianity.
9. Joe Mauer- He seems like such a nice guy. I love his endurance through all of his injuries.
8. Chase Utley- Um one word: puppies.
7. Evan Longoria- First watch this clip. Then tell me he is not one of the funniest people you have ever heard. (BTW Grady cracks me up too. He is just so… Grady!)
Evan Longoria IMG_1618.jpg
6. Ryan Braun- Best abs in baseball. That I’ve seen anyway.
5. Andre Ethier- I have loved him for years.
4) Ian Kinsler- He’s just cute. I love curly, shaggy hair.
3) Nick Markakis- I mean his nickname is the Greek God. Come on.
2) Jacony Ellsbury- He’s Native American. That’s hot. And I have already mentioned how I really like speed.
1) Do I need to tell you?
Plus I love nothing more than a dirty baseball uniform. 🙂
I cannot wait for Opening Day! I am so excited!