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#20 and Updates


First off thanks everyone for keeping me on the latest leaders. I really appreciate y’all reading and commenting all the time. Thanks for being so supportive.
Today’s tribute was kind of a no-brainer (not as much as #24 would have been). It is none other than the great:
Lou Brock!

Lou Brock wore the number 20 when he played for the Cardinals from 1964-1979. Before he played for the Cubs, but we will forgive him.
He played in around 2600 games total with a career batting average of .293. He had over 3000 hits and exactly 900 RBI’s. His career fielding percentage was a .959. He had 958 stolen bases with a .753 percentage. He made it to the World Series 4 times, once with the Cubs and three times with the Cardinals. Of those trips he won twice. Maybe if he was there without the Cubs the first time he would have won that one as well. He also appeared in 6 All Star games, all while playing with the Cardinals. He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1985.
Lou Brock and his wife are both ordained ministers and do a lot with the Christian Community. They both conduct the Worship Service each year for the Hall of Fame Inductee ceremony. He is still a very popular and beloved figure in St. Louis and is given a hero’s welcome any time he makes an appearance.
Cleveland Indians Baseball
Aaron Laffey started today against the Rangers and at face value his stats do not look too good. He gave up six hits and 4 runs in his second inning of work. However most of these hits and runs came off of bad luck, like balls hitting umpires being called hits, and some defensive errors. Overall he got ground balls and had some bad luck so he is not too worried about his performance.
We did score 7 runs in today’s loss to the Rangers so our offense picked up a little after the first couple of innings. The Indians had a very productive 4th, batting around and scoring 4 runs.
Grady may be ready to DH by Wednesday. He has not done any work on his lower half but played catch and took batting practice today.
Anthony Reyes makes his ST debut tomorrow. I am excited. I am probably his biggest Cleveland fan. I want him to do well since I remember him from St. Louis and I saw him do well there but experience what I think was some bad luck. I think all he needed was a change of scenery and I hope he performs very well in Cleveland.
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