In Four Years…

In four years I will be a senior at Clemson University. I will hopefully know where I will be going to Graduate School. Right now the top choices are Mizzou, North Carolina, Maryland, or THE Ohio State University. 

In four years hopefully the Tigers will have won a game in the NCAA tournament. Just one. That’s all I ask Oliver Purnell.
In four years hopefully the Tigers will have had a football season that lived up to expectations.
In four years Barrack Obama will be finishing up his first term as President. And we will be in the midst of another crazy presidential race, I am sure.
In four years I will hopefully have my own puppy.
In four years hopefully the Indians will have won their first championship in over 60 years.
In four years hopefully the Cubs (yes, those Cubs) will have won their first championship in over 100 years so they can stop whining. šŸ™‚
But most importantly in four years Grady Sizemore’s contract with the Indians will be in its final year. 
Indians fans are already panicking about this. Just shows you how much the Indians have put their fans through over the years. I can not tell you how many people commented this weekend about Grady Sizemore leaving for the Yankees in four years. This breaks my heart. I do not want tot think about it but they keep bringing it up. Grady in pinstripes gives me nightmares. And he scared me this weekend; he said he loved playing in New York. I hope he meant he loves playing against New York, that he loves hearing all of the boos, and that he loves beating the Yankees. I have to believe he would not leave if he was offered something pretty competitive. Please Grady (if you read this, which I am sure you don’t) don’t leave! We need you! If you leave it may be the last straw for a lot of Indians fans. Now go out there tonight and bunt for a base hit for once in your life. Or at least tell Trevor to do it. I have not seen one of those in forever and I miss them. Then steal a base.
Grady reading this and taking notes. Notice the concerned look on his face; he is concerned that his fans are so worried. He won’t leave.


  1. Kaybee

    That’s how I felt about Jake Peavy when all the trade talks were going down. I think a lot of Padres fans would flat out leave if Jake did. I really hope you guys keep Grady. He’s such a good player, and you need him!!

  2. jewsonfirst and

    Maryland has an outstanding journalism school, its own TV station, radio station and award-winning paper. Plus, you could see your Tigers get beat in a variety of events!!!


  3. rrrt

    OK, what is with the “The” whenever Ohio State people say the name of that school? I just don’t get it. I’ve always noticed that on NFL broadcasts when the players say their name and their school – the Ohio State guys always use “The”. Trivial, but annoying to me.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  4. raysrenegade

    Four years is a very long time in college days.
    I can still remember every moment of mine, and it was over 24 years ago that I stood beneath Century Tower in Gainesville and said goodbye to the campus.
    I will only say that you have to drink in everything and anything. Even if it is a small paper on a bulletin board. Take in the experience like a fresh glass of OJ. You will not be sorry.
    Not preaching, but I sometimes wish I had done a bit more with my time at school beside football, baseball and classes. I did join a Frat, and that is a lifetime event, but missed some of the small things that make college and adventure.
    Have fun, that is my key to college survival.

    Rays Renegade

  5. Lissi

    Kaybee- They better keep him.
    Ken- I think not. Mizzou is on the top of the list right now becasue it will be cheaper because I’m in-state.
    Julia- Good luck to him. It’s fun!
    Sue- The “THE” annoys me as well. That’s why I said it. My mom and I say it every time we talk about OSU.
    Jane- He really is. I think they will but other people don’t and they didn’t with CC. Personally I think Grady is more important to the Indians than CC was though. Sp we’ll see.
    Rays- Four years does seem like a long time but I know it will fly by. I am trying to have fun. I might join a sorority next semester but I haven’t decided yet.

  6. Casey

    if Grady does leave (God forbid) at least he likely won’t go to the Yankees… But I have faith that the Tribe will be able to resign him. We’ll have the money to do it by then.

  7. popejonash

    Can you imagine how obnoxious the Yanks would be if they got him, Lissi? It would be insane. But don’t worry, he’s not going anywhere. Plussssss, in 4 years time, all of those names that appeal so much in NYC now won’t be there. The Yankees without Mo, Posada and Pettitte won’t be the same. Jeter will probably still be there though. He’ll be there forever. I swear he’s been playing 35 years already! Are you hoping to go into journalism by the way? Great choice, it’s the best job in the world. Ash

  8. popejonash

    Glad to hear you’re a United fan šŸ™‚ I feel pretty lucky to watch him play every week, even if I have only seen him in person at Old Trafford twice. I’ll try and find the photo I took of him in red boots. Good luck against KC tonight. Ash

  9. Lissi

    Casey- Why wouldn’t he go to the Yankees? I’m sure they’ll offer ungodly amounts of money.
    Ash- Lucky. You got to see him at Old Trafford. So jealous.
    Tom- I know. I’m worried that in my head I have created a Grady Sizemore that doesn’t and couldn’t possibly exist who is immune to the allure of a monstrous contract and would put his fans and his only MLB team before huge amounts of money. I don’t actually know what he would do. I hope he would stay.

  10. Erin Kathleen

    Believe me, I know how you feel. I’ve been through this many times with many different Twins’ players over the years. It’s one of the things that really sucks about being a fan of a small-market team. However, I would be extremely surprised of the Indians actually let Grady go. He’s one of the best CFs in the league, and is so popular with the fans that I just can’t see them letting him walk. They have committed money to some of their young talent before, like Travis Hafner, so it isn’t outside the realm of possibility that they will extend his contract.-Erin

  11. mayz

    I think the Indians will find a way to hang onto Grady; he really is one of those franchise players. The last time I felt that way about a player on the Tribe was Jim Thome, though, and that didn’t quite work out. Baseball’s a business, so… we shall see.


  12. Lissi

    Hyun Young- I know. Indians fans would not be happy campers.
    Erin- You would be surprised, everyone else would be surprised, but Indians fans would just take it as par for the course. Would they be disappointed? Of course. Would they want to shoot everyone in charge? Yes. But they wouldn’t be the least bit surprised.
    Jason- I hope they do. They do really seem to like him a lot (I mean who doesn’t?) but like you said there are so many examples of the FO just epic failing at keeping their talent.

  13. Elizabeth D

    I hope that the Indians don’t lose their face of the franchise. Why would they be talking about this with four years to go? Is it time for a contract extension? And I know how you feel… after Johnny Demon went to the Yankees, I have never felt comfortable with a contract again.

  14. neumann12

    Everyone thinks The Ohio State University is the ONLY school in Ohio! Grrrrr…haha. I’m used to it, but just like there Florida and Florida State, Kansas and Kansas State, Iowa and Iowa State, etc., Ohio U. is separate from The OSU. And “The” came from the fact that OSU was confused with Oregon and Oklahoma State.
    …Next year I’m going to Neumann College, a D-3 school. I had never heard of it until a couple months ago, so I wouldn’t expect you to.
    Hopefully, Grady doesn’t list LeBron as an influence because King James has been spotted in Yankees hats numerous times. :/

  15. Lissi

    Jeff- Mainly so they don’t whine anymore.
    Jordan- Doubtful But maybe!
    Elizabeth- Indians fans worry about this now because with how the organization has handled itself over the years they pretty much start worrying immediately.
    Mark- So sorry. I assumed the Ohio on Facebook meant OSU. I should probably check my friend’s school info who actually for sure goes there and see what it ays. I do know that OSU is not the only school in Ohio. I often refer to Ohio as a the Land of 1,000 Colleges. I swear every piece of college mail I got was from Ohio. You’re right I haven’t heard of Neumann but you would be surprised by how many obscure colleges I have heard of. Ever heard of Hendrix, Augustana (no not in Illinois, try South Dakota,)? I’d be surprised.

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