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Hate us ’cause we’re beautiful but we don’t like you either

Ten points and a shout out to whoever can tell me what movie the title is from. Really all you should care about is the shout out because the points do not matter. It’s like Who’s Line Is It Anyway. With Drew Carey, who I believe is an Indians fan. I may be wrong but I feel like I have heard that somewhere.

The Indians won last night! It was a great game for the Indians. Everything seemed to click. Passable starting pitching, great offense, and a bullpen that gave up no runs! I know that last bit is a shocker. The White Sox’ starter Gavin Floyd was not very effective against the Indians from the beginning. Grady led off the game with a single and later scored. A-Cab who was walked also scored that inning. The Indians really broke it open with a four run fourth though. They tacked on three more insurance runs and won the game 9-4. Pavano wasn’t great, per se, but he got the job done. He kept his team in the game and despite looking like he was going to give up the two-run lead early he got an inning ending double play to stop the rally. Overall he gave up four runs, walked no one, and struck out three. Not bad, but he could have been better. But if he is going to have a shaky outing I think he is allowed to do it when the offense scores nine runs.
Tonight the Indians will face Clayton Richard, another White Sox pitcher with two first names. He has been in the bullpen so far this year and has an ERA of 4.32. He started last year for the Sox and was 2-5 with a 6.35 ERA. Some may say the Indians have the advantage here but we are countering with Jeremy Sowers who is 0-1 with an ERA of 12.60. That ERA is slightly inflated because Masa Kobayashi was put in to keep the Boston game last Thursday 

All Time Lows

Go Tigers! Tony Sipp made his debut today after being called up to replace Zach Jackson. He had a very impressive 1-2-3 inning for the Indians while I played Tiger Rag no less than 5 times. 

The Indians lost but it was a good game for everyone except for the Indians’ offense. Grady did get a hit and tried to bunt his way on. At first Matt Underwood being the astute baseball announcer that he is called Grady’s bunt a tapper back to the mound which made me angry at Grady. Then Rick Manning being the helpful baseball announcer that HE is informed the audience that Grady had actually tried to bunt his way on. In my humble opinion tapper back to the mound implies a normal swing not a bunt. So then I apologized to Grady and tapped him on the head as he walked back to the dugout and told him that I was okay with him getting out when he is trying to listen to me. That’s right folks. I speak to my computer. Often. With the Indians trying to rally in the ninth poor rookie baby Trevor Crowe was up with two outs. I tried my best to encourage him but I get the feeling they can’t really hear me.
As I wrote that Khalil Greene another Clemson boy if you recall made an amazing diving stop at short in the Cardinals game which is on ESPN. It’s a great day for former Clemson Tigers.
The beginning of this video is hilarious btw. Strange people.
All Time Lows- Hellogoodbye
Whether or not the weather is on my side
We could be together if I stay bright eyed
I can feel the summer sending signs fall
I see a happy ending if I stand up tall.

Weather was not on the Indians side or the Red Sox side tonight. Both played but it was not a very pretty night for a baseball game in either place. The Red Sox stood up tall and scored 7 runs off of the twins. Thanks guys. Liriano’s on my Fantasy team and you just killed my ERA. I’m sure Elizabeth is happy since she’s facing me this week and the Red Sox are currently winning.

Whether or not this cold front is moving in
Or it’s just vacation and we’ll soon be friends
And I can’t avoid her she’s in the sir
I should polaroid her with the way I stare

This verse just amuses me. I should polaroid her with the way I stare. haha

Ooo tonight the stars are so bright
I’v gotta get outdoors while the weather’s still here
Chasing the starlight before it disappears
Chance lasts a finite time in the cool, July nighttime
So take in all you can.

Chance is very important in baseball and you only get a few of them in a game. The Indians were unable capitalize on their chances tonight and they lost.

Whether or not our season will soon be done
Think I’ve got a a reason to enjoy the sun
Hey the forecast ain’t as bad as it seems
It should be clearing soon, if only in dreams.

The season will not always be this bad. And that is not just a dream. the Indians are now 3.5 back of the Royals and White Sox. The Tigers are still playing so I do not know how far back they will be by the end of the night.

My Favorite Indians

I have nothing of any importance to say today. I am feeling like the Indians are apparently feeling now at the end of Spring Training; a little lethargic and apathetic. That does not mean I do not care about YOU, I just have no motivation. So here is a list of my favorite Indians of all time. The of all time is used loosely because I actually do not know that many Indians not playing now so it is mostly favorite Indians playing right now.

Cliff Lee
Aren’t they a cute family? I love the little girl, Maci, with the bow!
Rick Vaughn 
Yes he so counts!
Rick Manning
haha Look at his hair! Awesome.
Jake Taylor
We already discussed this: he counts! There apparently are no good pictures of him. Which is sad.
Asdrubal Cabrera
Oh Cabby.
Trevor Crowe (my project)
I hope he blows the Indians away and permanently replaces David Dellucci. Dellucci is a nice guy but Trevor is just a better fit for playing on this team. And maybe I have not all the way forgiven him for the alligator stunt earlier.
Mark DeRosa
Apparently all you have to do to become one of my favorite players is be amazing in the WBC, be hilarious, and say that Grady is the best leadoff man in the game.
And of course…
just one more… humor me.
Um… Probably my favorite Grday picture ever. If you can rock the backwards baseball hat, you’ve got me.
6) Cleveland Plain Dealer

Walk-Up Songs

I have read a lot of posts recently about Walk-Up Songs. It got me thinking about good Walk-Up Songs. There are the classic songs like Iron Man by Black Sabbath and of course Rick Vaughn/Charlie Sheen in Major League walking out to Wild Thing (sorry this video is not all the way appropriate, a few F-bombs, I tried to find a clean one but I could not). But what are some good ones for today?

5. Whatever You Like- T.I. (Clean! some alcohol referneces)
This would be pretty funny. It is a pretty funny song already now just imagine some millionaire baseball player stepping up to bat with this playing in the background. Funny.
4. Paper Planes- M.I.A. (Clean from what I can tell… There are some gun and drug references but other than that)
This song has a great opening and is very upbeat and fun. We used to listen to this song in swim practice and it really got us going.
It saddens me that A-Fraud uses this as his song because it means I have to compliment him for something. This is a great Walk-Up song. It exudes confidence and is pretty upbeat and fun. The clean version is pretty funny, I recommend it for anyone.
I suggest this song for a certain Cleveland Indian named Grady Sizemore. How funny would that be to see him come up to bat with this song playing. Same thing as This Is Why I’m Hot, it exudes confidence but I think it is funnier. And more upbeat.
This song is an awesome Walk-Up Song. It is upbeat and gets you fired up. I listen to this song when I am working out and getting tired and it gets me started again. 
Honorable mentions:  I’m So Paid- Akon ft. Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy and Just Dance- Lady Gaga ft. Colby Adonis
I tried really hard to find clean versions of all of these songs. Don’t listen to the explicit versions if you think your parents would have a problem with it. 
The Indians won last night! Pavano pitched a solid outing and gave up 2 runs in 6 2/3 innings and 94 pitches. After the second inning he really got going. Trevor Crowe had an awesome game including a single, 2 walks, and a stolen base. Grady had a stolen base and made an amazing catch in the outfield. Best news of the day: Travis Hafner hit his first home run of the Spring. He may have hit a high, hanging, curve ball that I could probably hit but he still killed it.
They play today at 4 o’clock eastern time. I am so excited. This will be their last home Spring Training game and I believe Rick Manning’s and Matt Underwood’s last broadcast until the season starts. So today I leave you with:
Jerry Coleman: “Would you tell Manny to cut his hair?”
Rick: “That’s a wig. I don’t believe that’s his real hair.” 
And again:
Jerry: “Would you do me a favor and tell Peralta to write his name correctly?” Laughed about this for like five minutes. Personally I refer to Jhonny as J-honny and pronounce the “h.” This is similar to how I say Chone Figgins’ name. Just like it looks, Chone, none of this “Shawn” nonsense.

Cut Your Losses (or Ties)


The Indians played the White Sox today at Goodyear Ballpark. Fausto Carmona looked great again pitching five scoreless innings. He showed improvement in trouble situations which has been a problem for him in the past. In the first inning he walked two batters and then proceeded to get out of the inning with no runs allowed. After, he only got better. In the past if he got himself in trouble too often he would let his emotions get in the way of pitching and would give up big innings.

haha funniest picture ever… okay maybe not ever, but pretty close

Grady had a an RBI double today driving in what proved to be half of the Indians run total of two today. Mark DeRosa in his return to the Indians drove in the other of the Indians runs this afternoon on an RBI single. Victor Martinez and Jhonny Peralta killed the rally however after Hafner walked to load the bases.
Jensen Lewis gave up two runs in the sixth to tie the game. The score would remain the same through ten innings. This is good and bad. Bad because we could have scored more runs, there were plenty of opportunities. Good because the tie survived Kobayashi who has had a terrible spring so far and amazingly Ed Mujica despite Andy Marte’s best efforts to help him hurt his chances for the bullpen job even more by dropping a routine throw to first. So the bullpen showed strength and improvement in places that were previously a concern.
The Indians also cut seven players today. Most notably Jeremy Sowers and Kirk Sarloos were reassigned to minor league camp trimming the starter competition to Aaron Laffey, Scott Lewis, and Zach Jackson. The front runners for the position are Aaron Laffey and Scott Lewis. Zach Jackson has a better shot getting the last bullpen shot in my opinion.
Hawk and DJ.jpg
Sorry Jen but the White Sox announcers did nothing today to endear me to your team. One said he hoped Joe Mauer stayed hurt so the White Sox did not have to face him. His exact words, “We can only hope the Joe Mauer is still hurt [when we face them in April].” That is a terrible thing to say. I do not at all wish any player is hurt so the Indians do not have face them. Not even A-Fraud, my least favorite person. I was appalled by his statement. I am sure he did not mean any harm by it but it was an awful thing to say. And plenty of “He gone’s” from Hawk. That just drives me crazy.
rickmanning.jpg   mattunderwood.jpg
Rick Manning and Matt Underwood
I was also very upset that I could not watch the STO version of the game. I miss Rick Manning and Matt Underwood even if they may not be the best announcers ever. An Indians game just does not feel quite right without Rick Manning going on a tirade about sunglasses and how they are a waste and only mess players up. Classic. And I really miss “Gone to Souvenir City!” Although that would have not happened in this game. And even after learning some not very nice things about Rick Manning’s past while I still love him. I bet if he could go back he would change some things; he seems like a good guy deep down who just made some mistakes.
4 and 5) clevelandindians.com