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Confessions of a She-Fan

Hey everyone!

Today I finally get to review Confessions of a She-Fan. I finished a couple of days ago but I have been really busy lately so I keep forgetting that I have not reviewed it yet.
Confessions is a great book for all baseball fans. I hate the Yankees but I still love this book. It perfectly describes the relationship between a fan, especially a female fan, and their team. Or at least it describes my relationship. Well I guess I have never wanted to “divorce” the Indians but I would definitely follow them around the country. Actually I am trying to this summer to a lesser extent. I loved how Jane described her agony in defeat and her joy when they won. I can see myself sitting at the stadium crying after my team lost in the playoffs. In fact I did cry when the Indians lost in the ALCS in 2007. My parents thought I was insane because I had only liked the Indians for about a week but I was still so upset when they lost. Jane makes you feel her emotions even if you hate the Yankees. Except when the Indians won the ALDS I was still happy but sad for Jane at the same time. However I did not appreciate the knocking of the Rally Pies. Those were awesome. I did not actually see them live but I have seen a YouTube video of them. I thought they were funny. Here is one of Grady Sizemore pie-ing Casey Blake. My favorite part I think was the opening. Mainly because I can see a lot of myself in the Opening. I would be very likely to ask my husband to follow some random famous person into the bathroom. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes baseball or sports in general; it is the perfect picture of fandom.

It’s Finally Here!

IT CAME! Confessions of a She-Fan showed up in my mailbox yesterday! Well not in my actual mailbox but in the back of the Post Office wherever they keep the packages. I almost died. I am already about 3/4 of the way through and so far the Indians are not doing too hot against the Yankees. But oh well. I may not hate Derek Jeter quite as much as I have before but he is still my least favorite person. I hated him a lot you see so it will take a lot to get him past A-Rod (second on my hate list).

So Spring Training is apparently going really well in Goodyear. The Indians took their first live Batting Practice yesterday and got a look at some of their pitchers and hitters when hitting against real major league pitchers. Closer Kerry Wood is still throwing some more bullpen sessions before he faces live batters. They are keeping him working at a pretty slow pace so he does not overdo it. With the longer Spring Training that seems to be a concern for most pitchers. 
Also on the agenda for the Indians this Spring is working on base running. Last year the Indians were third to last in the American League in Stolen Bases. That only had 67 and 38 of those belonged to Grady Sizemore. That means that the rest of the Indians combined for only 29 stolen bases. So manager Eric Wedge thinks that is an area the team needs some improvement on. Sometimes I wonder if in situations like that he asks Grady to give base-stealing lessons. I think that would be funny to see. Grady demonstrating how to steal the base and explaining to the rest of team how you know when to go and stuff like that. 
Actually the whole idea of Spring Training is kind of funny to me. From the pictures I have seen it seems that every day is like a Little League practice with the manager gathering everyone in a group and telling them what he wants them to do and then they all line up and try. I like it though because it is also really relaxed and the team seems to be having a good time. It actually shows them having fun playing the game and it reminds me that baseball is first and foremost a game that was meant for fun.
I literally can not wait for the season to start. I am so ready for baseball. I do not know why but this offseason seems so much longer than any in the past. The 6 days until the Indians first pre-season game seems like an eternity and I do not know if I can make it that long. Besides I have three tests and a speech in between now and then and I feel like it will never be next Wednesday!

Good News!

Hey everyone!

This entry will be a little short since I already said most of what I wanted to say earlier.
First of all guess what came in the mail today finally! You guessed right! (I assume.) Confessions of a She-Fan. I am pretty sure I am probably the last person to read it but I will love it anyways I am sure.
Second, in response to Jeff from RSBS, yes there is a distinct possibility that I will be a bright shade of orange tonight on ESPN 2 so look for me! I do not know anything else at this point. But I will definitely put up pictures sometime in the near future so get excited!