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I’m back with #25!

So I’m back now. Hopefully for awhile. I find it hard to write when i don’t have an everyday routine so now that I’m back at Clemson and school is about to start hopefully I can get a routine going to help me stay on track better.

I’ve had a fairly uneventful summer. I worked, watched baseball, did homework, and just relaxed. I had a lot of fun though and the past two weeks have been eventful enough to fill a whole summer.
I’m an RA this year so I got to Clemosn early for RA Training. I met all of my fellow RA’s in Manning Hall and we are like a big family now. I feel like I have known these girls for years. Training was a lot of fun but very tiring. It was filled with late nights and early mornings and full days with no naps. I am now a very big fan of sleep.
Apparently even though I haven’t been writing I still made it on the latest leaders list so I will be doing a tribute entry today to get back into the swing of things.
I was number 25 on the Latest Leaders the last time it came out. So today I will be doing a tribute to:
Andy Marte!
I refuse to do a tribute to Mark McGwire for obvious reasons.
Andy Marte was signed by the Atlanta Braves in 2000. He was traded to the Boston red Sox in 2005 for Edgar Rentaria. Then in the same off season the Red Sox traded Marte and Shoppach and Randy Newsom to the Indians for Coco Crisp, Josh Bard, and David Riske. Marte looked to be a rising star but in 2008 when he was with the Indians he had a very mediocre season. Some say he was mismanaged by Eric Wedge and others say he is not a very good major league baseball player. That remains to be seen as Marte is back with the Indians in 2009 after being given a second chance due to a phenomenal start in Triple-A this year. I have high hopes for Marte but I am unsure of whether or not his future will be with the Indians. I would think that with the players available to the Indians in the next few years either Marte or Peralta will be traded this offseason. We will see what happens.