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Number 27!

So apparently it is a tradition around here to dedicate a blog entry to a player who wore the number you are one the latest leaders. So I decided since I grew up watching the Cardinals I am allowed to choose players from them too. This time I chose:


Todd Zeile. Todd was #27 on the Cardinals from 1989- 1995. Side note: In 1996 he was with the Cubs (oh dear). 
He started his career in the Big Leagues at age 23 as a catcher for the Redbirds on August 18, 1989. I was almost born. Countdown 6 days! He was a starting infielder for the Cards in 1992 the year my baby brother was born. That is why I chose him. He is also a Virgo just like me! He never hit over .300 but that’s okay (Grady has not either and he is pretty good). His career batting average was .265, not too shabby actually. He earned his money on defense apparently. He was always close to the 1.000 mark in fielding percentage and in 2004 he received his highest fielding percentage (in a season where he played more than 2 games) at .995 with the Mets. He also played for the Cubs, Phillies, Orioles, Dodgers, Marlins, Rangers,
Mets, Rockies, Yankees, and Expos. He finished his career in 2004 with the Mets.
Picture and Bio: The Baseball Almanac http://www.baseball-almanac.com/players/player.php?p=zeileto01
Now y’all let’s get me to #24 so I can talk to you about this guy:
And him:
Oh and him too:
See Julia, I’m pretty shallow. 🙂
Grady Pictures: Photos from the Plain Dealer http://photos.cleveland.com/plain-dealer/2009/01/soogoodyeard.html