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A Different Holliday Season

I have decided that I will order the blog with Indians, Cardinals, and finally the Tigers unless something huge happens in one of the categories and then that category will go first. For example, today the Cardinals have the biggest news story so they go first.


Matt Holliday has signed with the Cardinals. Finally. That kind of fulfills my first wish for the Cardinals this new year. I don’t have that much of a problem with the money in the deal but seven years is a long time. Let me help you picture this:

In seven years when Matt Holliday’s contract runs out I hope to have not only finished my Undergrad degree but also the first of my Master’s degrees and possibly working on the second one. I hope to be teaching either first grade or special education in an underprivileged elementary school somewhere in the Rockies near Denver or Colorado Springs. I hope to be married with at least one kid and a dog. That’s a lot of life. And Matt Holliday will still be with the Cardinals. It’s kind of scary.
A lot of people are saying that the Cardinals will not be able to afford Pujols now when he becomes a free agent. I, however, find it hard to believe that the Front Office was not taking that into consideration when making this contract with Holliday. I think they are positive that somehow they will be able to come up with the money to sign Pujols when they need to; there is no way this Front Office was going to risk losing Albert. I suppose this may mean higher ticket prices and the Cardinals already have some of the highest in the country but I know that many St. Louisans will see this as a necessary evil. I hope they have some other way to bring in revenue but they may not.
The Indians signed Shelley Duncan and Austin Kearns to minor league deals. Formed Indian Roberto Alomar also missed the Hall of Fame by 1.3%. I hope he eventually gets in and think that he probably will but I really think he deserved to be in this year.
The basketball Tigers lost to Duke on Sunday which was expected. They play Boston College this Saturday. Hopefully I will get to go but ticketing has been weird and very popular this year so I may not get a ticket. I will of course let you know how that turns out.


First of all thank you everyone for reading! Thanks to you I am now #12 on the Latest Leaders list. That is the highest I have been!

So this week, despite recent scandals, I will be doing my dedication entry on:
I have no words to describe my feelings towards the Indians right now. All I know is 1) I want a Trevor Crowe jersey, 2) Our pitching is terrible (and last night it wasn’t Pavano’s fault, which was the shock of the century), 3) We better figure something out fast because I would rather not be embarrassed in New York and 4) It is the dumbest thing in the world to make Grady the DH because he never does well when he is DHing. Name a time someone please when Grady was not at most 1/4 or 5 while DHing within last season or this season because I did not really watch before then o I would not know. It throws off his rhythm. I would rather they just rest him (not really, but you may as well.) Also here is something I have noticed about Grady and tell me if you think I am wrong but seriously watch for this: If a pitcher gets 2 strikes on him all they have to do is throw a pitch in the dirt and preferably away and he will swing. Guaranteed. Only with 2 strikes though. It is amazing. That was my rant.
Biography Information: The Official Website of Roberto Alomar