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Here’s to you Jacoby

Hey everyone! 

First of all I need to apologize for my lack of entires over the weekend. As I briefly mentioned in my last post, which Grady has taken way too seriously, this week is Finals Week at Clemson. Today I had my hardest final (History of Science and Technology in Society, sounds like a party doesn’t it?) and I spent the whole weekend studying for it. Therefore I had zero time to write an entry. You may have noticed I have been commenting, however, that is because reading and commenting makes a very good study break. So does Facebook as others of you may have noticed.
While I was studying I was however watching baseball. I saw all games of the Indians/Twins series and at least parts of all games of the Yankees/Red Sox series. And yes I was watching when Jacoby stole home and at the same time my heart. I have been very candid about what I like in a baseball player and speed is pretty much it. So stealing home was amazing. Good job Jacoby.
I haven’t quite decided how Grady will be getting my heart back. It may be tough. Or maybe not. It may be as simple as smiling or may be as difficult as bunting for a hit or stealing 2 or 3 bases or hitting a home run. Yes I know I don’t put a high priority on the long ball but it would not hurt his cause. Anyway this series should be interesting. All of my favorite players minus So Taguchi on one field and in one game. It is incredibly difficult for me to watch the Indians and Red Sox play because I am so torn most of the game. I want Jacoby and JD to do well but I want the Indians to win. I also pray we never have to face Papelbon because hopefully we are winning by the ninth inning so there is no need for a closer and then I don’t have to want Papelbon to do well but want the hitters to do well too. That is impossible.
Here is one my friends statuses from this weekend: “Things learned by Cubs fans: When you buy a ticket to Wrigley you can always bank on seeing the bottom of the ninth.”

Top Ten reasons to Love Baseball

At the risk of coming off completely shallow I will be doing something fun tonight. I think y’all know me well enough to know that I am not really shallow so I ma not too worried. My roommate is gone for the night and her boyfriend/my best friend (yes it is awkward sometimes) is too so I am a little bored. Plus the basketball game is a blowout (Go Tarheels and fellow Missorian Tyler Hansborough) so I had nothing to do.

The Ten Things I Look Forward to on Opening Day
10. Josh Hamilton- He is cute mainly because of his personality. He is a fun guy who has been through a lot and you have to love his return to Christianity.
9. Joe Mauer- He seems like such a nice guy. I love his endurance through all of his injuries.
8. Chase Utley- Um one word: puppies.
7. Evan Longoria- First watch this clip. Then tell me he is not one of the funniest people you have ever heard. (BTW Grady cracks me up too. He is just so… Grady!)
Evan Longoria IMG_1618.jpg
6. Ryan Braun- Best abs in baseball. That I’ve seen anyway.
5. Andre Ethier- I have loved him for years.
4) Ian Kinsler- He’s just cute. I love curly, shaggy hair.
3) Nick Markakis- I mean his nickname is the Greek God. Come on.
2) Jacony Ellsbury- He’s Native American. That’s hot. And I have already mentioned how I really like speed.
1) Do I need to tell you?
Plus I love nothing more than a dirty baseball uniform. 🙂
I cannot wait for Opening Day! I am so excited!

I lied.

I lied. My bracket is not dead. Cleveland State performed life saving surgery on my dying bracket. With a win over Wake Forest they managed to revive my bracket from certain death. Thanks Cleveland Sate and Sarah at Always the JAKE for suggesting them.

I had my other fantasy Baseball League draft today. It went much better.
C Victor Martinez
1B Mark Teixeira
2B Howie Kendrick
3B Alex Gordon
SS Stephen Drew
1B/3B Mark DeRosa
2B/SS Jhonny Peralta
OF Grady Sizemore (keeper)
OF Jason Bay
OF Nick Markakis
OF Jermaine Dye
OF Shin Soo Choo
P Cole Hamels
P Dan Haren
P Joe Nathan
P Cliff Lee
P Josh Beckett
P Kerry Wood
P Fausto Carmona
P Ervin Santana
P Francisco Cordero
UTIL Travis Hafner
BE Matt Wieters
BE Kosuke Fukodome
BE Ben Francisco
I really wanted Jacoby Ellsbury. I like my team so much though that I do not think I want to give anyone up for him. This team is already better than my other team because I have closers. I am still waiting on certain regular readers to let me know who they want for a certain closer.