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All Time Lows

Go Tigers! Tony Sipp made his debut today after being called up to replace Zach Jackson. He had a very impressive 1-2-3 inning for the Indians while I played Tiger Rag no less than 5 times. 

The Indians lost but it was a good game for everyone except for the Indians’ offense. Grady did get a hit and tried to bunt his way on. At first Matt Underwood being the astute baseball announcer that he is called Grady’s bunt a tapper back to the mound which made me angry at Grady. Then Rick Manning being the helpful baseball announcer that HE is informed the audience that Grady had actually tried to bunt his way on. In my humble opinion tapper back to the mound implies a normal swing not a bunt. So then I apologized to Grady and tapped him on the head as he walked back to the dugout and told him that I was okay with him getting out when he is trying to listen to me. That’s right folks. I speak to my computer. Often. With the Indians trying to rally in the ninth poor rookie baby Trevor Crowe was up with two outs. I tried my best to encourage him but I get the feeling they can’t really hear me.
As I wrote that Khalil Greene another Clemson boy if you recall made an amazing diving stop at short in the Cardinals game which is on ESPN. It’s a great day for former Clemson Tigers.
The beginning of this video is hilarious btw. Strange people.
All Time Lows- Hellogoodbye
Whether or not the weather is on my side
We could be together if I stay bright eyed
I can feel the summer sending signs fall
I see a happy ending if I stand up tall.

Weather was not on the Indians side or the Red Sox side tonight. Both played but it was not a very pretty night for a baseball game in either place. The Red Sox stood up tall and scored 7 runs off of the twins. Thanks guys. Liriano’s on my Fantasy team and you just killed my ERA. I’m sure Elizabeth is happy since she’s facing me this week and the Red Sox are currently winning.

Whether or not this cold front is moving in
Or it’s just vacation and we’ll soon be friends
And I can’t avoid her she’s in the sir
I should polaroid her with the way I stare

This verse just amuses me. I should polaroid her with the way I stare. haha

Ooo tonight the stars are so bright
I’v gotta get outdoors while the weather’s still here
Chasing the starlight before it disappears
Chance lasts a finite time in the cool, July nighttime
So take in all you can.

Chance is very important in baseball and you only get a few of them in a game. The Indians were unable capitalize on their chances tonight and they lost.

Whether or not our season will soon be done
Think I’ve got a a reason to enjoy the sun
Hey the forecast ain’t as bad as it seems
It should be clearing soon, if only in dreams.

The season will not always be this bad. And that is not just a dream. the Indians are now 3.5 back of the Royals and White Sox. The Tigers are still playing so I do not know how far back they will be by the end of the night.

One Hundred!

This is my 100th Entry everyone! The Indians decided to make sure I got to write it today by beating, no not beating, slaughtering the Yankees 22-4. I wrote a Live Blog but as you can probably imagine it got a little boring just talking about the game. Therefore I talked about silly things and I recommend reading it all because it pretty much exemplifies me. This game features only a few examples of how I watch baseball games. Usually when good things happen I am happy for awhile but then realize that the same thing could happen us the next inning so I shouldn’t get too excited and jinx it. So the first inning really features watching games with Melissa but after that it’s pretty abnormal.

First Inning: Grady strikes out on a ball in the dirt. As
usual he had two strikes got a pitch in the dirt and swung. Told you that’s a
guaranteed strike out.  I yelled,
“Are you kidding me Grady? I hate you!” Wang almost hits DeRosa. Didn’t like
that. DeRosa pops up after having a 3-1 count. Threw a leftover plastic Easter
egg at the TV. Martinez flies out to left. At least he didn’t look like a fool. 

Bottom: Fausto looks pretty good in the first at bat. Jeter grounds out. Fausto
walks Damon. Teixiera hits a home run. The egg is thrown again. I yell
something. I don’t remember what. I’m pretty sure no profanities were involved
though. At least he’s on one of my Fantasy teams. Fausto gets Swisher, who was
hilarious when reading the lineup, to ground out to second and Posada to pop
out. 2-0 Yankees.

Second Inning: I love Joe Buck. I am so happy he is
announcing although I think it is rude to take him and TIm away from St. Louis
especially during the Cubs series. Hafner gets an infield hit. Is it just me or
is the grass on the infield at the New Stadium really slow? Johnny Damon took a
swim before the game. Funny. Jhonny gets a base hit to left! I literally jumped
up and down. Big League Choo hits a home run! I definitely squealed and clapped
my hands. Lia, my roommate, probably thinks I am insane at this point.
Francisco hits a double. Awesome. Ben scores from second on a base hit up the
middle by Cabrera. This is why Cabby is one of my favorites. Grady’s up. Grady
hits a foul ball but takes awhile deciding whether it’s foul or not and then
decides it isn’t and starts to run. It promptly goes foul. Haha Grady gets a
double down the right field line. That’s more like it Grady. Tim McCarver,
“Another hanger by Wang. Sizemore says uh-uh I’ll handle that Jorge.” LOL literally.
Joe and Tim are talking about how the New Stadium’s ticket prices are not only
leaving seats empty but the people close aren’t just normal fans but business
people who aren’t very loud. I think this is true. So far I haven’t seen the
same fan base that I am used to seeing in New York. It’s weird. DeRosa hits a
double into right. Grady thought Swisher was going to catch it and tagged up at
second and then ran home. Tim says it was a mistake but I think he would have
made it home even if Swisher had made the throw. Then someone was yelling at
Grady in the dugout. Presonally I think they should yell at him every time he
swings at a ball in the dirt to strike out. They apparently don’t though. Wild
Pitch. DeRosa to third.  Martinez
hits a single into right. DeRosa scores. Now we get the Yankees bullpen for the
rest of the game. Wang goes 1 1/3 innings giving up 7 runs. 22 runs allowed in
only 6 innings pitched this season. Wow. Anthony Claggett is on for the
Yankees. He was just called up today. Hafner hits one to left-center that
Gardner almost catches but drops. Martinez and Hafner are one second and third
for Jhonny. Johonny hits a line drive into left-center as well. His double and
second hit of the inning scores Martinez and Hafner. Showing me stats of Cole
Hamels’ awful start last night did not make me happy. He is killing my fantasy
team. A bloop hit by Garko loads the bases. I was actually giving the edge to
the Yankees today despite Wang’s rough start because I figured he was due for a
good one. I guess I was wrong. Francisco strikes out. Two outs. Before
Francisco nine consecutive Indians had reached base safely. A-CAB HITS A GRAND
SLAM!!!!!!! He just made my day. Ninth hitter in the lineup hits grand slam.
Quickly 0-2 on Grady. Loser. haha JK 
Grady just crushed a ball to right. I mean crushed. I take it back, he
isn’t a loser. No doubt about that one. It was gone as soon as it left the bat.
14 runs this inning and ties the record set in 1950. 3 home runs this inning.
DeRosa strikes out to end the half inning. 14-2 Indians. Don’t blow it Fausto. I am so very optimistic. (Sarcasm)

Bottom: Cano hits a ball that just dies in front of home. Martinez throws him
out. Great play by Jhonny to steal a hit from Cabrera (Melky).  Fly ball to left. 1-2-3 inning for
Fausto. Still 14-2.

Third: The Yankees are sticking with Claggett. Martinez pops
out to Gardner. Hafner hits one well into left canter but not hard enough.
Gardner has it. Another hit for Jhonny. He isn’t in any of my lineups because I
was busy all morning and didn’t get a chance to change my lineup after he was
hurt yesterday. Choo walks. Garko hits a line drive into right. Swisher dropped
it so Jhonny scores. Francisco grounds into a fielder’s choice.

Bottom: Ground ball to short. One out. Eric Wedge is talking! He wants Fausto
to be aggressive. Wedge is really boring. He doesn’t ever say a whole lot.
Jeter grounds out to third. DeRosa makes a great play. Fausto is getting a lot
of ground balls which is a good sign for a sinkerball pitcher. Damon strikes
out. 15-2 Indians.

I love the Direct TV commercials with the stupid cable
company. They make me laugh every time. “Two words: Federal bailout. Pick
up  a paper, everyone’s doing it.”

Fourth: They took Jeter out. Cabby is 3-3 today with a
leadoff base hit onto left.  Grady hits
another double. Pitching change! 
DeRosa’s singles to left scoring Cabby. This live blog is pretty boring.
Martinez walks. Brandan Ryan thinks someone should google the record for most
runs scored in an inning to see if the Indians beat the record. So funny. The
Indians have impressed my hometown team. A very nice tribute to Harry Kalas.
Peralta strikes out. Longest at bat ever for Choo. Choo finally after about ten
minutes strikes out.

This commercial isn’t fair. Bobby Mayweather can’t type with
boxing gloves on.

Bottom: They are showing some guy in a suit in the stands
who looks confused. He looks like he has never seen a baseball game in his
life. Nick Swisher cracks me up. He is so silly. Why does every locker in the
Yankees clubhouse have a laptop in it? Seems excessive. Posada hits a single
into right and Choo drops it. Swisher gets to third. Thank you Captain Obvious
Tim McCarver who has just informed us that The Yankees box score looks a lot
different than the Indians box score. Gradner grounds out to the mound to end
the inning and bases loaded threat.

Fifth: DeRosa hits a 3-run home run. My fantasy teams are
killing on offense today. Days like this and Thursday make me look like a
genius. I guess I can’t speak for the other teams yet but Thursday all of my
offensive players did something. It was awesome. Martinez hits a home run. I
told you he was all the way back. Hey if we get another home run today we will
break the record for home runs in the New Yankee Stadium hit by one team. That
record, of course, was set yesterday. This all happened with two outs. We broke
the twenties. Hafner strikes out to end the inning. 

Bottom: They took out Grady
but I didn’t know that and Trevor Crowe just made a Grady worthy play and I
definitely thought it was Grady until they showed his face.  Then I had a blond moment and was
confused for a second. Teixiera grounds out.  20-2 Indians.

Sixth: Ben Francisco almost killed the umpire on a foul ball
off of his mask. He broke the mask and the umpire had to borrow one of Jose
Molina’s masks. I love the Molinas. They are my favorite baseball family. 

Bottom: Ed Hickox was joking with Victor Martinez the inning after he hit his
home run. It was pretty funny. I always wonder what they talk about down there.
Especially when they are at first and are just chatting away. What do they say?
It bothers me that I don’t know. Home run for Cabrera (M). They showed a video
of Cody Ransom jumping 5 feet and said he could jump over Ken Rosenthal. It
was pretty funny. Ken was offended because apparently he is really 5’41/2″.
Which is so much better. (sarcasm)

eventh: Bottom: Kobayashi caught a ball in between his legs
and turned a double play without ever putting his glove on it. haha

Eighth: Ed Hickox is done for the day after being hit in
the head. They have replaced him with Edwards. Thank God not Phil Cuzzi, they
said he was an option. We would have never had a reliable strike zone again if
that had happened. TRAVIS HAFNER HITS A HOME RUN!!!!!!!!!!!! Well our problem
is not offense. 

Bottom: Kobayashi makes another awesome play on the mound. This
is probably his best performance all year.

Ninth: Francisco hits a double. Cabby hits a single. Marte
just doesn’t have it. I have said that so many times; about another Marte, of
course, but still it just rolls off the tongue. Trevor Crowe gets an RBI.
Hafner almost hits another grand slam. But it’s caught by Cabrera (M). 

Chulk is coming in. How about we avoid another breakdown Vinnie. He did.

Thank you everyone for getting me to 100 entries. 


My Boys Spoil Yankee Stadium Opener

My next entry will be my 100th entry. I refuse to write my 100th entry until the Indians win (or in the event of a strategically placed off day, like Monday. Don’t worry this won’t be never-ending.). So anything I have to say I will add to this entry.
The Indians lost today but it was a well-fought battle. The Bronx Bombers were out in full force hitting five solo home runs to win the game 6-5. Some poor umpiring at the plate and an error by Vinnie Chulk contributed to the loss today. To be far the umpire was inconsistent with both teams but it seemed to affect the Indians a little more. I was pretty happy with this game despite the loss because the Indians battled hard and showed they can fight back from behind, something we had yet to see this year. 
Fun fact: The first person to hit a grand slam in the old Yankee Stadium: Tris Speaker, Cleveland Indians’ center fielder. Good job Grady. Channel Tris.
Interesting News: A crazy preacher man has been terrorizing the Clemson campus recently. He stands in police barricades and tells Clemson students how we are all going to Hell because we wear flip-flops and things like that. It is ridiculous. He claims he has never sinned which is a sin right there because it is a lie. I feel truly sorry for this man and I hope he gets the professional help he needs. Here is a YouTue video of him. I didn’t watch it through because it makes me sad. It may get explicit because he really upsets people. One girl left crying yesterday. It is horrible.

First run scored in New Yankee Stadium History: Ben Francisco

First RBI in New Yankee Stadium History: Kelly Shoppach
First Grand Slam in New Yankee Stadium History: GRADY SIZEMORE
First Winning Pitcher in New Yankee Stadium History: Cliff Lee
First Victory in New Yankee Stadium History: CLEVELAND INDIANS
Final score of the first game in New Yankee Stadium History: 10-2, Cleveland
Question: Who won the last ever playoff game in the old Yankee Stadium? 

Answer: Cleveland Indians

Question: Who has handed the Yankees their three worst losses in franchise history?

Answer: Cleveland Indians

I am so happy right now. The Indians beat the Yankees and start their first winning streak of the season. Granted it’s only two games but it’s all we’ve got so let me savor it.
I forgive Grady for starting slow. I forgive Cliff Lee for being terrible in his first two starts. I forgive Kelly Shoppach for striking out so much. I forgive Trevor Crowe for taking nine at bats before getting his first Major League hit (I actually forgave him a long time ago, but since we’re forgiving…). I even, barely, forgive Rafael Betancourt for loading the bases with one out in the bottom of the ninth today. I forgive Eric Wedge for failing in Aprils in general. None of that matters right now because in the words of Gus Sinsky in For Love of the Game, “We don’t [stink] right now. Right now we’re the best team in baseball.” Okay maybe not the best but at least the happiest. 
This game really was a good game. For the first six innings it was a straight pitchers duel. CC left with one out in the top of the sixth with both teams locked in a 1-1 tie. In the bottom of the sixth Cliff pitched a 1-2-3 inning. Then in the seventh those of you who like a lot of offense would get your wish. The Indians rock the Yankees’ bullpen for nine runs including a bases loaded walk drawn by my project Trevor Crowe and of course a Grand Slam by Grady Sizemore immediately after. Victor Martinez, not to be done, followed one hitter later with another home run. After the seventh the Indians bullpen gave up only one more run despite their best efforts to give up more. This game had a little bit of everything. 
The stadium looks beautiful. I was a little disappointed in the Yankees fans who left after the seventh. It’s Opening Day of your $1.5 billion stadium and you have box seats and you are going to leave? I don’t care how bad your team is losing, you stay. 
Okay Grady let’s see about 37 more of those home run smiles this year. Then how about 39 more stolen base smirks.
See you tomorrow New York.


First of all thank you everyone for reading! Thanks to you I am now #12 on the Latest Leaders list. That is the highest I have been!

So this week, despite recent scandals, I will be doing my dedication entry on:
I have no words to describe my feelings towards the Indians right now. All I know is 1) I want a Trevor Crowe jersey, 2) Our pitching is terrible (and last night it wasn’t Pavano’s fault, which was the shock of the century), 3) We better figure something out fast because I would rather not be embarrassed in New York and 4) It is the dumbest thing in the world to make Grady the DH because he never does well when he is DHing. Name a time someone please when Grady was not at most 1/4 or 5 while DHing within last season or this season because I did not really watch before then o I would not know. It throws off his rhythm. I would rather they just rest him (not really, but you may as well.) Also here is something I have noticed about Grady and tell me if you think I am wrong but seriously watch for this: If a pitcher gets 2 strikes on him all they have to do is throw a pitch in the dirt and preferably away and he will swing. Guaranteed. Only with 2 strikes though. It is amazing. That was my rant.
Biography Information: The Official Website of Roberto Alomar


The Indians finally won a game! Yay for 1-5! Maybe it was divine intervention, it is Easter after all. The point is the Erie Warriors have finally put pitching and offense together to beat the Blue Jays!

1st inning: Grady walks (he amazingly did not swing the bat once… I bet that was hard for him). Then he steals second. Then he goes to third on what the scorer apparently thought was a wild pitch (I beg to differ, clearly a steal) and then goes home on a throwing error! Grady just ran his way home!
3rd inning: Grady walks again! Mark DeRosa crushes a home run to left. 
5th inning: Here’s where it gets good. After Martinez and Hafner strike out (purcey had ten total strikeouts today) Jhonny Peralta singles to right. Shin Soo Choo walks. Ryan Garko walks. Bases loaded for Trevor Crowe, my project. Earlier in the game Trevor had been up in the same situation. He was probably nervous and anxious to get his first hit in the majors and it showed. He struck out swinging at a pitch he probably should not have swung at. He broke his bat on his knee he was so frustrated. He said after the game he was embarrassed about that but I forgive him (I actually thought it was funny). So what does Trevor do this time? He hits two-run double and finally gets not only his first Major League hit but his first two RBI’s as well. 
8th inning: After DeRosa strikes out, Martinez walks. Travis Hafner, who was 0-3 with three strikouts, hits a home run to right-center giving the Indians the 7-4 lead. Jhonny Peralta doubles. Shin Soo Choo singles and scores Jhonny. 
9th inning: After going 3-0 to Scott Rolen Kerry Wood throws him three strikes to strike him out. He then proceeds to strike out the next two Blue Jay hitters. Awesome. Best game of the season. That is not really saying a lot but it is something.
Tomorrow the Indians travel to Kansas City to play the Royals. The Royals are pitching Zack Grienke and the Indians are pitching Fausto Carmona. I am not really sure how I feel about this match-up. Grienke is really good but I personally think Carmona has Cy Young talent if he can just control his emotions. I guess we will have to wait and see. Maybe Grady will choose this series to finally start to really hit. He has shown sign of life but he is still not quite right.
I am dedicating this entry to Trevor Crowe.

My Totally Reasonable and Achievable Goals for the 2009 Season

First let me start off by saying: baseball starts tonight! Are you ready? Go Braves! If I said Go Phillies my suite mate and most of the people here might crucify me.


Now here are my perfectly reasonable and achievable goals for this season.
1) Grady becomes the first ever 45/45 guy in baseball. No, make that 50/50. Totally doable.
2) The Indians beat the Royals when I go to see them. I was not happy last year when the Indians managed to lose 6-2 to the Royals when I traveled 4 hours across the state of Missouri to watch them. I did however get to see Grady get into a discussion with the umpire. I don’t think it was a nice discussion. I think the umpire may have been standing in Grady’s way when he was on second.
3) Find someone as crazy as I am who will drive 19 hours to Boston to see the Indians play the Red Sox and flirt with he Red Sox fans (the male ones) so they don’t heckle me quite as much.
4) See a game at the Jake for the first time ever. (This one is a done deal.. I am actually seeing two games!)
5) Find someone as crazy as me who will drive to Baltimore on August 30 to see the Indians and Orioles play.
6) Find someone as crazy as me who will drive 10 hours to Cleveland on September 10 for Grady Sizemore Wall Banner day to get a Grady Sizemore wall banner.
7) Make a lot of money life-guarding so I have enough money to afford all of this craziness. 

*Clemson baseball player just walked by and talked to some girls out tanning on the “Holmes beach” where all the girls go out to tan on nice 78 degree days like today.

lifeguard on parade.jpg
Webster Groves lifeguards in the Annual 4th of July Parade in Webster. I will be in this this summer!

8) Meet Grady Sizemore and get an autograph and a picture to be my Facebook and blog profile picture until the end of time.

9) In the aforementioned meeting, be able to form coherent sentences that don’t consist of the words “You are the most gorgeous human being on the face of the earth” all scrambled around so you don’t even know what I am saying. Anyone who even remotely knows me, knows that this goal is impossible.
10) Trevor Crowe replaces David Dellucci on the roster and eventually replaces Ben Francisco in the outfield. Sorry Ben, I love you but I love Trevor more.
11) Win the World Series in 2009! Go Tribe!
Yesterday John from the Mc Effect gave the best comment I think I have had yet: “I wish I were a girl, then I would have enjoyed that post.” Awesome John. 
6) Cleveland Plain Dealer
7) Thanks Jen! ajroxmywhitesox.mlbogs.com

Tomorrow’s the Day!

The Indians won today! They beat the Astros in come-from-behind fashion 4-3. The game was tied 1-1 until the bottom of the sixth when Kerry Wood gave up 2 runs. I think this means he has to shave his goatee now. Then in the top of the ninth Trevor Crowe, my project, hit a line drive single into right scoring two to tie the game at three. Then Graffanino reached on a throwing error and the winning run scored.

Joe Smith had a lights out outing striking out all three batters he faced.
Overall I am very pleased with the Indians performance today. Mostly because it featured great offense from the bench which is very important. I am even more excited about Carl Pavano’s five-inning one run outing. After the first inning Pavano settled down. He allowed 4 hits and struck out 4. Jackson and Kobayashi, 2 question marks, also had good outings. Their problem is mainly consistency though so I am not too encouraged by their performances.
Tomorrow baseball that counts officially starts. I am so excited. I am more excited for Monday though. The Indians will be playing Texas in Arlington at 2:05. I am ready. I think they are too. 
I thought you would all like to know that I got a 96 on my speech about baseball. Next up is our persuasive speeches. I was planning on doing something not baseball related because my friend told me I should. However, the kid behind decided to do his on “How the public has overreacted to steroid use in Baseball.” Maybe I do not know what he means by his topic but I was not okay with this choice. Now I may have to change my topic to how steroids in baseball are a problem and how they should fix it. My friend says she will allow this change because she thinks it will be funny to see. And then the Yankee fan in the room has the audacity to say to me, and I quote, “Grady is a juicer.” Over and over again. Not cool. I was not happy. I get angry just thinking about it. This is why I have problems with Yankee fans. Some (Jane) are perfectly nice people, but then you meet the kind like this kid and it just ruins it. Tell me, does this:
look like the face and smile of someone who would cheat and lie to thousands of fans? I did not think so.
I decided I would try to see if I can now successfully embed a video today. This is a video of my High School’s Women’s Choir singing Frobisher Bay by James Gordon. We sang this two years ago in New York at Riverside Church. I went to Webster Groves High School. Fun fact: Harry Carey went to my high school. He is our claim to fame and we love him even if he did betray us by becoming a Cubs announcer. As you can see below, it worked! Thanks Jeff!

The Fighting Braves of the Cuyahoga

Congratulations to Greg over at Red Sox Ramblings for correctly guessing my movie quote!
Zach Jackson was chosen as the final bullpen pitcher. The Indians have finalized their 25-man roster. 

Today it was announced that David Dellucci will start the season on the Disabled List and Trevor Crowe will be replacing him. I am very excited. Elizabeth recently asked me if I have any minor league projects like she has every year and I was thinking about who mine would be. Strangely enough I chose Michael Brantley and Trevor Crowe. And now Crowe will start the year in the Majors. I hope he does well. And I hope if he is doing really well the Indians try to figure out some way to keep him up there when Dellucci returns. Dellucci is a nice guy but the Indians have yet to see real consistent hitting from him. I do wish Dellucci a speedy recovery I just do not see him as a good player for this team. Maybe he will come back and prove everyone wrong; he has had a better spring than expected.

Guess what I found today? Mark DeRosa’s blog! It is called The Pulse. There was not anything on it the last time I checked but I cannot wait for it to start. Mark is so funny and personable in interviews and I am sure he will have a great blog.
I gave my speech and turned in my paper today! I will be posting my paper sometime in the next week. I have to make sure turnitin.com does not scan here and say that I plagiarized myself. That would be a huge mess. I can see it now. My teacher asks me to come to his office and then informs me that my paper is 100% copied and I will be kicked out of the University. I then ask if he knows who I allegedly copied the paper from. I have no idea if he knows this from the turnitin report but if he did: Why yes I do Melissa. From this blog on mlblogs.com. Then I would have to explain that it is my blog and turnitin has informed you that I plagiarized myself. And then who knows what would happen. I do not know how good my paper is. I am worried it kind of became a rant towards the end so hopefully I still do alright.
The Indians are playing the Padres tonight at 7 at Peoria. Carl Pavano is the scheduled pitcher. I hope he has a similar outing to his last outing. He looked a lot better in his previous start and I hope that is the Pavano the Indians will get this season. I will hopefully get to hear Rick Manning and Matt Underwood again but I am not sure. If I do I will try to remember or write down some priceless Manning quotes so you can all understand my infatuation with him. He is so funny. I have also decided that in honor of Major League I may start calling the Indians the strange names the announcer calls them in Major League. For example: the Wigwamers or my personal favorite the Fighting Braves of the Cuyahoga. 
For now I will leave you with:
“This is the Sammy Sosa who forgot the English Language!”- Indians broadcaster yesterday referring to the Orioles trading away Mike Fontenot for Sammy Sosa when Sosa was clearly past his prime. Sorry Ken and Jordan. He said it not me.



I have allergies. They are terrible. It was raining today so I thought they would be better but no. They were worse! I am not allergic to mold so I do not know what happened. My head feels like it is going to explode and I sneeze like every ten minutes.

Trevor Crowe has really blue eyes. They’re nice.
Bright spot in my day. Grady stole a base! Yay! He also had two hits and two runs scored. Andy  Marte, Trevor Crowe, and Kelly Shoppach all homered today. Apparently Shoppach’s and Crowe’s home runs were super long. The announcers went on forever about Crowe’s home run. It was hilarious.
However the best news of the day was the announcement of the winner of the fifth spot in the rotation winner. It was… ANTHONY REYES! Wait hold on a second. Was he even competing? I am joking… well sort of. Scott Lewis won the last starter job but he will pitching fourth in the rotation and Anthony will be pitching fifth. This will give Reyes some extra days off to rest his elbow more and keep him healthy. Congratulations to Scott Lewis. He has pitched a great spring so far and he definitely deserves it. The Indians made me look a fool however. I assumed they would give the job to Aaron Laffey even though Scott Lewis has had a better spring. Oh well, I was fortunately in this case wrong.
The guy in the Indians uniform is Rocky Colavito.
My speech on the Indians will be given Monday. I still have to finish editing it all the way and when I am done I will post the final version here for everyone to learn a bit about the Indians illustrious history. I learned a lot from preparing this speech and I have a book recommendation for anyone who is interested: The Curse of Rocky Colavito by Terry Pluto. I think Aaron especially would enjoy this book. He may have already read it for all I know. It was very interesting and I learned so much from it.