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So I lied last time. I did not stay back. I have been awfully busy and it has been hard to get back into the habit of writing entries. I promise I will try to do better.

Since I’ve been gone Grady has had two surgeries that will keep him out for the rest of the season. Personally I think this should have happened a long time ago because I don’t know what good it was doing to have him keep playing. I know it was not hurtung but it was not necessarily helping. Ocassionally it may have helped the Indians win a game or two but I do not think anyone thought that the Indians had a chance at the playoffs even in July. 
Which brings us to July and the month of trades. The Cliff Lee trade was tough and I was sad but the Victor Martinez was awful. I was in a baseball depression for probably about a month. Sometimes I still have relapses and seeing him in a Red Sox uniform is still tough. I think the last series between the Red Sox and Indians will be very difficult for me to watch. I would not rule out tears. However I love Justin Masterson. He may not have been very impressive in a few of his starts but I have seen some real potential and he is a great guy off the field. 
New in my life: I have decided to stay an Early Childhood Education major. I know some of you were excited about hearing college students shout “Melissa” at college football games but I went to what I thought would be my last ever education class and remembered why I loved Early Childhoos so much. So I am back on track to be a kindergarten/first grade teacher in the inner city. Right now I would like that city to be Cleveland but I would not mind back home in St. Louis or maybe Boston. But even though I don’t like the cold I have decided that I could not live in the south, I think I fit in more in the north. I still love the south though, I just think I will be ready for all four seasons again when I graduate. 
Here’s a video for everyone’s enjoyment about my second favorite team and secodn favorite player:

Happy Birthday Major League!

Congratulations to Austin at The Bottom Line for knowing the quotes were from Boy Meets World.

Tonight I am switching to a Cardinals blog because the Indians are off. 
1) Khalil Greene- Clemson boy comes through! With the bases loaded and 2 outs in the bottom of the fourth Greene hit a double with the bases loaded to score two runs. He has also made some pretty good defensive plays at short. Go Clemson!
2) Colby Rasmus- Rasmus made his Major League debut tonight and got on base three times (so far). This included his first Major League hit.
3) David Freese- A native St. Louisan Freese also made his debut with the Cardinals today. He struck out but it was exciting anyway. He went to Lafayette High School which produced another baseball star whom you may have heard of: Ryan Howard.
4) Yadier Molina- My favorite and the best Molina brother got a triple today. No you did not read that wrong, a TRIPLE! For those of you who may not know, Molina is probably one of the slowest runners I have ever seen, so a triple is a miracle.
5) St. Louis- They showed a shot of downtown St. Louis and the Old Courthouse. I miss St. Louis. It is so amazing. One of the best cities in the world.
OKay back to Indians blogging. Major League turned twenty today! In its honor I will be watching it tonight and I will give y’all this to watch:
Tonight’s quote:
“And when I close my eyes I see you what for you truly are… UUUUGLAY!”
Name the movie. Hint: Channing Tatum