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I married a moose. We don’t need counseling.

Hey y’all!

Okay I am not going to lie, I did not pay that much attention to the Indians game today. I was studying while listening and for once in my life Art History took up more of my brain than the baseball game. I guess that is good since I have a test tomorrow but that is bad for you if you want to hear my insight about the game. I do know we won 5-4 which is always good. That also means we beat the Cubs and I don’t like the Cubs that much. Never will even if the Cardinals are no longer my absolute favorite team. 
So instead I will tell you that Grady’s return to baseball has been pushed back again to early next week. Cause for concern? No, says Grady. Grady says he would be playing if this were the regular season and no one would even know the difference. Which I already knew. I mean the guy runs full speed into a lighted scoreboard in Kansas City and still plays the next day. He twists his ankle pretty badly since he had to miss two games for it and continues to play in the game scoring what I believe was the winning run (I may be wrong, this happened early last year). He is tough. I am not worried at all, I just miss him. So more for me than you:
Okay that’s all. I don’t want to bore you. I just miss that.
I want to mention that in the first picture you see Grady sporting his Cory Matthews hairstyle. This happens when Grady forgets to cut his hair. If you are not familiar with Cory Matthews you have missed the best TV Show ever, Boy Meets World.
Cory is the boy in the middle with the curly hair.
Grady does this hairstyle better than Ben Savage (yes Fred Savage’s younger brother), but it still looks funny. Especially when it sticks out from under his baseball hat.
If you have never seen an episode of Boy Meets World watch here or here or here. The last one is my personal favorite. The second is kind of cheesy but very important to BMW fans. I cry just thinking about it.
P.S. You will only get the title if you watch the last clip.
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