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Epic Fail

Ken from How About Dem O’s Hun AND Jews on First guessed correctly that the title of my entry two entries ago was from 10 Things I Hate About You and the title of my last entry is from School of Rock. Today’s title is not form a movie so do not try to guess. And since he has two blogs mentioning both totally counts as his two shout outs.

Someone please explain to me why the Indians fail at baseball. This is getting ridiculous. I seriously want to cry; curl up in a ball and cry. What have I done to deserve this from them. I watch every night that I can, I defend them even when I am pretty sure they are wrong, and I am going to their games this summer. And what do they do, every night? Break my heart. epicfail.jpgJust when things start looking up they manage to find another way to epic fail. EPIC FAIL. Like blow a 7-0 lead epic fail. Or apparently just not show up at all epic fail. Or scream profanities at the other team’s manager epic fail. Now yesterday I am placing the blame almost solely on the umpires but I am very upset with Victor. I will forgive him eventually but if he could come out with some sort of explanation that would help. For example please explain to me why it is wrong to steal bases when you are losing. I do not understand this position. I want to know that if Grady had stolen 2nd and 3rd when the Indians were losing 9-0 Victor would have had problems with Grady for doing that. (Which by the way he totally would because honestly are you trying to tell me that the Indians just give up when they are losing by a lot? That would explain a lot actually so maybe they do.)

They need to win this series against the Royals. A sweep would be fabulous but I feel like that will nit be happening since we are facing Grienke on Thursday. I am also going on Thursday so while I am excited to see Grienke I am not excited at the fat that it means the Indians will probably get their butts kicked especially since Cliff Lee is not pitching that day either. So while all of you are watching teams that are not EPIC failures (except for the Nationals, I am so sorry, I feel terrible, or according to my father the Cardinals and judging from last night that applies too) this week I will be here (or in Kansas City) watching the Indians. Probably throwing many things and yelling. Hopefully not, but probably.
Facebook Quiz
On Facebook you can make a quiz about yourself and have people take it. Since not all of you have Facebook I thought I would put it on here and you can see how well you know me.
1) Who is my second-favorite Cleveland Indian?          
a) Victor Martinez
b) Asdrubal Cabrera                                                
c) Cliff Lee
d) Mark DeRosa
2) Where do I want to live after I graduate?             
a) St. Louis, MO
b) Charleston, SC
c) Chicago, IL
d) Cleveland, OH
3) Who is my favorite St. Louis Cardinal?
a) Albert Pujols
b) Skip Schumaker
c) Adam Wainwright
d) Colby Rasmus
4) What is my second favorite sport?
a) College Basketball
b) Baseball
c) Soccer
d) Hockey
5) What is my favorite movie?
a) Major League
b) 10 Things I Hate About You
c) Breakfast at Tiffany’s
d) Lord of the Rings
6) What is my best physical feature?
a) Eyes
b) Hair
c) Feet
d) Legs
7) What was my high school’s mascot?
a) Tiger
b) Pioneer
c) Statesmen
d) Vikings
8) What is my favorite TV Show?
a) Boy Meets World
b) How I Met Your Mother
c) American Idol
d) Survivor
9) My goal in life is…
a) to be an elementary school teacher.
b) to marry a baseball player.
c) to become a sports journalist of some kind.
d) to be a model.
10) What is my favorite football team?
a) St. Louis Rams
b) New England Patriots
c) Indianapolis Colts
d) New York Giants