My Boys Spoil Yankee Stadium Opener

My next entry will be my 100th entry. I refuse to write my 100th entry until the Indians win (or in the event of a strategically placed off day, like Monday. Don’t worry this won’t be never-ending.). So anything I have to say I will add to this entry.
The Indians lost today but it was a well-fought battle. The Bronx Bombers were out in full force hitting five solo home runs to win the game 6-5. Some poor umpiring at the plate and an error by Vinnie Chulk contributed to the loss today. To be far the umpire was inconsistent with both teams but it seemed to affect the Indians a little more. I was pretty happy with this game despite the loss because the Indians battled hard and showed they can fight back from behind, something we had yet to see this year. 
Fun fact: The first person to hit a grand slam in the old Yankee Stadium: Tris Speaker, Cleveland Indians’ center fielder. Good job Grady. Channel Tris.
Interesting News: A crazy preacher man has been terrorizing the Clemson campus recently. He stands in police barricades and tells Clemson students how we are all going to Hell because we wear flip-flops and things like that. It is ridiculous. He claims he has never sinned which is a sin right there because it is a lie. I feel truly sorry for this man and I hope he gets the professional help he needs. Here is a YouTue video of him. I didn’t watch it through because it makes me sad. It may get explicit because he really upsets people. One girl left crying yesterday. It is horrible.

First run scored in New Yankee Stadium History: Ben Francisco

First RBI in New Yankee Stadium History: Kelly Shoppach
First Grand Slam in New Yankee Stadium History: GRADY SIZEMORE
First Winning Pitcher in New Yankee Stadium History: Cliff Lee
First Victory in New Yankee Stadium History: CLEVELAND INDIANS
Final score of the first game in New Yankee Stadium History: 10-2, Cleveland
Question: Who won the last ever playoff game in the old Yankee Stadium? 

Answer: Cleveland Indians

Question: Who has handed the Yankees their three worst losses in franchise history?

Answer: Cleveland Indians

I am so happy right now. The Indians beat the Yankees and start their first winning streak of the season. Granted it’s only two games but it’s all we’ve got so let me savor it.
I forgive Grady for starting slow. I forgive Cliff Lee for being terrible in his first two starts. I forgive Kelly Shoppach for striking out so much. I forgive Trevor Crowe for taking nine at bats before getting his first Major League hit (I actually forgave him a long time ago, but since we’re forgiving…). I even, barely, forgive Rafael Betancourt for loading the bases with one out in the bottom of the ninth today. I forgive Eric Wedge for failing in Aprils in general. None of that matters right now because in the words of Gus Sinsky in For Love of the Game, “We don’t [stink] right now. Right now we’re the best team in baseball.” Okay maybe not the best but at least the happiest. 
This game really was a good game. For the first six innings it was a straight pitchers duel. CC left with one out in the top of the sixth with both teams locked in a 1-1 tie. In the bottom of the sixth Cliff pitched a 1-2-3 inning. Then in the seventh those of you who like a lot of offense would get your wish. The Indians rock the Yankees’ bullpen for nine runs including a bases loaded walk drawn by my project Trevor Crowe and of course a Grand Slam by Grady Sizemore immediately after. Victor Martinez, not to be done, followed one hitter later with another home run. After the seventh the Indians bullpen gave up only one more run despite their best efforts to give up more. This game had a little bit of everything. 
The stadium looks beautiful. I was a little disappointed in the Yankees fans who left after the seventh. It’s Opening Day of your $1.5 billion stadium and you have box seats and you are going to leave? I don’t care how bad your team is losing, you stay. 
Okay Grady let’s see about 37 more of those home run smiles this year. Then how about 39 more stolen base smirks.
See you tomorrow New York.


  1. Elizabeth D

    I’m rooting for the Indians… at least this series, and I’m happy that they won. I remember in 2004, I think, when the Indians beat the Yankees 22-0. It was AWESOME. Looks like the Yanks have lots of problems with the Indians 🙂

  2. neumann12

    You were worried about the Indians being embarrassed in New York — as were a lot of students at my college in Ohio. But the Tribe embarrassed the Yankees! This goes to show you can buy a billion dollar amusement park, but you can’t buy wins. I hope Anthony Reyes can keep it up tomorrow.

  3. Erin Kathleen

    There’s the Indians team that I thought we were going to see this year. They just got off to a slow start, that’s all. That was quite the game, it went from pitcher’s duel to home run derby once the Yankee bullpen took over. Good win for the Indians!It’ll be interesting to see Carl Pavano make his triumphant return to Yankee Stadium on Sunday. I am sure he’ll be greeted with a hearty bronx cheer.-Erin

  4. ztaknek

    Jordan and I both commented that we know you’d be thrilled with the victory! Anytime the Yankees lose is a good day for me. I can’t believe that people would leave the opener in the 7th inning – what a bunch of lame-*** fans. I hope that more fans decide to leave early.

  5. Kaybee

    “We don’t [stink] right now. Right now we’re the best team in baseball.” Wow, that’s exactly the way I feel about the Padres right now. We’re supposed to lose 100+ games, but not now. Right now, we’re one of the best teams in baseball. I am so glad that the Indians won!! I love that they got all the “firsts” and took the game from the Yankees! Enjoy the win!!

  6. Andy

    Looks like you got your wish! Grady did hit the first meaningful home run in Yankee Stadium. (OK, so it wasn’t the first that counted, but it certainly meant more than Posada’s). Go Tribe.

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