There’s a red moon rising on the Cuyahoga River…

I have been taking a small break from blogging recently as you could all probably tell. With work and class and the Indians being uninspiring I have not had much to say and not much time to say it.

Since my last entry I have found a new favorite ballpark… Progressive (Jacobs) Field in Cleveland! I finally got to go to Cleveland and see an Indians home game. Two actually. They won two of three against the Cardinals and that was the end of any salvageable season as we know it. I have said before I do not give up on teams easily but I really do think it is over for the Indians this year. My new goal is to finish above Kansas City in the standings. 
Grady should be back tomorrow according to him and A-Cab is on his way to what will probably be a short rehab assignment in Columbus so things are looking up in that department. However, the bullpen and starting rotation is just too bad to have any hope for a division winning team this year. Cliff Lee has been looking like his Cy Young self but the bullpen still manages to blow seven run leads when he’s pitching which will not get him any more wins. Pavano apparently was suffering from some soreness so they gave him a little rest after two rough starts and we will see how he is on Wednesday. David Huff has been passable, Jeremy Sowers is fine until the fifth inning usually, and Tomo Ohka has been surprisingly good. But the bullpen cannot hold any leads their starters may give them. They manage to find new ways to lose every day and they are incredibly frustrating to watch. I am hoping that the returns of Grady and A-Cab make this team a little more bearable to watch.
So after that downer of a paragraph here are the pictures of my trip to Cleveland!
This is me in my new A-Cab shirt in front of the Grady picture at the Jake.
It was a good trip and I clearly chose a good time to see them before they completely fell apart against the Brewers.


  1. rrrt

    The Jake is a really nice ballpark (sorry, can’t think of what it’s actual name is these days), looks like you had good weather while there, too. Oh, I just scrolled back up – Progressive Field. I really dislike corporate naming! My brain can’t keep up with all the changes!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  2. Paige Landsem

    Progressive Field really is nice! That is so cool that you got to see it; I saw them play the Brewers so we probably missed each other by about a week. I was surprised at how nice it was; not that I thought it would be a total dive, but the game we saw was a lot of fun and the fans were really into it! I love all of your pictures (especially the Grady picture, of course.)

  3. stlfan13

    Hey I like your writing, and especially like that you have interest in all baseball and not just one club. Of course, you having an interest in the Cardinal players is a bonus for me. I’m a huge Cardinal fan! Keep up the good writing.


  4. jewsonfirst and

    Nice job Melissa!!! I just found out that O’s pitcher Jason Berken went to Clemson!!!

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