Are we gonna be creating musical fusion everyday?

The Indians have been creating some- wait for it- baseball fusion recently. Sorry. That was really cheesy but true.

Okay so no one guessed my title from the other day. So it’s still available. Here it is: “Who needs affection when you can have blind hatred?” And today’s title is also up for guesses. If you name both title’s I will find a way to mention you in my next two blogs. To review: You have to name the movie that the quote is from. I spend a lot of time watching movies to find good quotes and I work really hard. I know your hearts bleed. haha

WhiteSox/Indians- May 13
I learned from Rays Renegade that the Rays have never won on May 14. They still have not thanks to the Indians. The Indians are also 20-5 against the Rays in their last 25 games. They just always play the Rays really well. The final score tonight was 11-7. It was 9-0 going into the bottom of the sixth. Fausto lost it in that inning and gave up 3 runs and left with 2 on. Herges promptly gave up a 3-run home run to Zobrist making it 9-6. The Indians tacked on 2 more runs in the eighth, one of which Grady scored. Aaron Laffey came in for 2 innings and gave up only 1 run. A-Cab made a fantastic play which I was very excited to see on Web Gems but unfortunately my mom is for some strange reason very interested in the Bruins/Canes game which is currently in Overtime and forgot to change it to watch Web Gems so I have no idea if it made it (it should have) or how high it was.
UPDATE: I went to ESPN’s website and looked at last night’s Web Gems and A-Cab was #1!
The Gradester
Despite his issues recently Grady is still in the leadoff spot. He is 2-31 with 4 walks in the first inning this season. Terrible. Tonight he tried to bunt his way on but it was not a very good bunt so he was out. He has apparently forgotten how to bunt for a base hit because he is 0-2 in bunt attempts this year. I appreciate him trying though. Again tonight he hit it hard but Pena robbed him of a base hit and an RBI. Also despite his struggles Grady is on a 6-game hit streak which is something. They are all singles but you have to start somewhere.
I will be taking a break for the weekend because I have Lifeguard Training all weekend. Tomorrow: 6-9 pm Saturday: 9 am-9 pm Sunday: 9 am- 6 pm 
Wish me luck. I am a little worried about not passing because on paper everything seems really harsh. But I was on swim team for all 4 years in High School and some of the lifeguards at my pool, no offense, cannot be better swimmers than me so I figure if they can do it, I can do it.
1) Cleveland Plain Dealer


  1. mayz

    The Tribe looks so much better this past week. But where would we be without Martinez and Cabrera? Also, it bothers me how many players have to sit every day between Garko, Shoppach, LaPorta Francisco, etc. Good luck with that training.


  2. Kaybee

    Haha, that is so funny that you put a picture of Grady in a minor league uniform! Some of the fans here have talked about sending my bouy Kouz to Triple-A for a while, too. I sure hope Grady (and Kouz) gets better soon! Very cool that you’ve been winning some games soon!

  3. jewsonfirst and

    “10 Things I Hate About You” – Who needs affection when you can have blind hatred?

    “School of Rock” – Are we gonna be creating musical fusion everyday?

    Make me work harder next time Melissa!!!

  4. Lissi

    Julia- Thanks! I passed!
    Jeff- I don’t know if enjoy it is what I did. It was a rough weekend.
    Toby- I did like it. Thanks.
    Jason- They did look better, but then they didn’t.
    Erin- Yeah what happened this weekend? Y’all just couldn’t hold on.
    Kaybee- Some people have mentioned sending Grday down but I don’t think it works very well for already established players. I think it just screws them up. And hopefully they wouldn’t send him to Akron thats Double-A! I picked it because he looked cute and disappointed which he should be.
    Mark- Yeah apparently they draw good crowds everywhere. I would be jealous if I wasn’t seeing them play the Royals this Thursday. 😉
    Ken- I didn’t get this until after I wrote my next one so I will be sure to update it.

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