My Favorite Stadium Right Now

As you all know I went to Busch Stadium last night to watch the Cardinals play the Pirates. The Cardinals beat the Pirates by a score of 4-2. It was a good game. I even saw an Albert Pujols home run and almost an Adam Wainwright home run. If that seems confusing to some of you who remember that Wainwright pitched Tuesday night, he was a pinch hitter. That’s right, Tony LaRussa pinch hit a pitcher. Wainwright is a good hitter though so it is not quite as silly as it sounds.

The Indians also beat Boston 9-2. Amazingly the bullpen managed to not give up any runs and blow a 7-run lead which would have not surprised me in the least. Victor Martinez and Mark DeRosa both hit home runs. Grady was 0-4. I have only wish for Grady in this series: I want him to get on base against Wakefield with no one in front of him because this is pretty much a guaranteed steal. I know he can do it despite a bunch of Cleveland fans giving up on him and saying he is not a good hitter anymore. Someone (a Toronto fan, so maybe not very credible) even suggested sending him down. No thank you. My guess is he would do terribly in the minors. He will figure it out I promise you.
This picture took forever to get right. My brother refused to smile normally or at all for about 10 pictures before this.


  1. jewsonfirst and

    Wow, you were way up there!! Nice pics and I’m glad you enjoyed the game.


  2. Lissi

    Paige- You should definitely try to make it down here to see it. It’s a gret stadium.
    Julia- Not so great last night though.
    Emily- Thank you!
    hyunyoung- Khalil is doing great. He’s one of my favorites.
    Casey- I’ve never been to the Jake but I’m going this summer so I think I will change my favorite stadium when I go. At the moment Busch is y favorite that I’ve been to though.
    Ken- Yes we are always way up there. Tickets are too expensive down close. Sometimes we sit close just for one game.

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