First of all thank you everyone for reading! Thanks to you I am now #12 on the Latest Leaders list. That is the highest I have been!

So this week, despite recent scandals, I will be doing my dedication entry on:
I have no words to describe my feelings towards the Indians right now. All I know is 1) I want a Trevor Crowe jersey, 2) Our pitching is terrible (and last night it wasn’t Pavano’s fault, which was the shock of the century), 3) We better figure something out fast because I would rather not be embarrassed in New York and 4) It is the dumbest thing in the world to make Grady the DH because he never does well when he is DHing. Name a time someone please when Grady was not at most 1/4 or 5 while DHing within last season or this season because I did not really watch before then o I would not know. It throws off his rhythm. I would rather they just rest him (not really, but you may as well.) Also here is something I have noticed about Grady and tell me if you think I am wrong but seriously watch for this: If a pitcher gets 2 strikes on him all they have to do is throw a pitch in the dirt and preferably away and he will swing. Guaranteed. Only with 2 strikes though. It is amazing. That was my rant.
Biography Information: The Official Website of Roberto Alomar


  1. Casey

    Congrats on reaching #12 on the list! Here’s hoping ya get the #1 spot soon!
    As for the Tribe, offense is good… Defense on the field is good… Starting pitching is (slowly) getting there… I think the bullpen is the main problem! But I’ll get into that when I update my blog later today.
    Just remember this if you get too depressed over the Indians: The Red Sox are only 2-6! đŸ˜€
    Congrats again,

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