There’s Always a Silver Lining

So the Indians lost today. That stinks. A lot. They are now 0-3.

What could possibly be the good news? I’ll tell you.
1) Zack Jackson- Zack came on in relief of Carl Pavano in the second inning with no outs (that is bad). Despite everyone saying he did not deserve to be there and Vinnie Chulk should have won the job over him he pitches four innings with six strikeouts, two runs, and four hits. Not bad. Maybe he should have started. Sorry I doubted you, Zack, you did great today.
2) Grady Sizemore- Grady hit two two-run home runs today. He also struck out three times. But he looked good doing it! haha JK
And still remember Nick Adenhart today. I was thinking about not writing another entry tonight but I think he would have wanted me to. After all he clearly loved baseball. RIP Nick.


  1. juliasrants

    “Always look on the bright side of life…” And you know what Melissa – today we all need to do just that. And I feel the same – to honor him, I will put up another post today. And to honor his parents.


  2. Paige Landsem

    Especially today, when everyone is still mourning, I really admire your willingness to be respectful of Nick Adenhart and still give attention to your team. There really is a silver lining everywhere.
    Also, I am so glad to have found another Switchfoot fan on the blogs! A couple of years ago I went though a huge Switchfoot obsession phase, and even though I’ve diversified my musical tastes now, they will always be my favorite band. I thought the song “Gone” was appropriate yesterday, in light of how Adenhart’s death caused us all to reflect on how short our time here really is.

  3. Elizabeth D

    Ouch about Pavano. I grimaced when I saw his stats on MLB Tonight. He used to be so good with the Marlins, I hope he finds himself this year. I think this team will come together shortly.

    Still stunned about the Nick Adenhart tragedy. I hope that the Angels win tonight, even if it is against the Red Sox.

  4. stonebutch99

    I’m calling him Pronk right now. I have him on my fantasy team and this guy is setting my bench on fire. I may insert him into the starting lineup if he keeps this up. The problem is he’s a DH, so the only place for him is the utility spot. Let’s go PRONK!

    BTW, I hope your Indians get on the winning track soon.

  5. mian0812

    Thanks for the comment and welcome dear! Only if/when the Indians beat the Twins do I dislike them…and even if they do win and they play an excellent game I can’t hate ’em for playing good ball…after all…I love good ball games! 🙂

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