Happy Birthday Major League!

Congratulations to Austin at The Bottom Line for knowing the quotes were from Boy Meets World.

Tonight I am switching to a Cardinals blog because the Indians are off. 
1) Khalil Greene- Clemson boy comes through! With the bases loaded and 2 outs in the bottom of the fourth Greene hit a double with the bases loaded to score two runs. He has also made some pretty good defensive plays at short. Go Clemson!
2) Colby Rasmus- Rasmus made his Major League debut tonight and got on base three times (so far). This included his first Major League hit.
3) David Freese- A native St. Louisan Freese also made his debut with the Cardinals today. He struck out but it was exciting anyway. He went to Lafayette High School which produced another baseball star whom you may have heard of: Ryan Howard.
4) Yadier Molina- My favorite and the best Molina brother got a triple today. No you did not read that wrong, a TRIPLE! For those of you who may not know, Molina is probably one of the slowest runners I have ever seen, so a triple is a miracle.
5) St. Louis- They showed a shot of downtown St. Louis and the Old Courthouse. I miss St. Louis. It is so amazing. One of the best cities in the world.
OKay back to Indians blogging. Major League turned twenty today! In its honor I will be watching it tonight and I will give y’all this to watch:
Tonight’s quote:
“And when I close my eyes I see you what for you truly are… UUUUGLAY!”
Name the movie. Hint: Channing Tatum


  1. Lissi

    Jason- I have no idea. I will hopefully not be in St. Louis at the time since I will either be at school (Let’s hope that means within the next 4 years the Indians will be in the WS) or wherever I choose to live after school (wherever I get a job, right now I’m hoping Cleveland) so hopefully it won’t be a big deal.
    Aaron- It is one of the best mocies ever.
    Jess- You’re right! and yes it is!

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