I lied.

I lied. My bracket is not dead. Cleveland State performed life saving surgery on my dying bracket. With a win over Wake Forest they managed to revive my bracket from certain death. Thanks Cleveland Sate and Sarah at Always the JAKE for suggesting them.

I had my other fantasy Baseball League draft today. It went much better.
C Victor Martinez
1B Mark Teixeira
2B Howie Kendrick
3B Alex Gordon
SS Stephen Drew
1B/3B Mark DeRosa
2B/SS Jhonny Peralta
OF Grady Sizemore (keeper)
OF Jason Bay
OF Nick Markakis
OF Jermaine Dye
OF Shin Soo Choo
P Cole Hamels
P Dan Haren
P Joe Nathan
P Cliff Lee
P Josh Beckett
P Kerry Wood
P Fausto Carmona
P Ervin Santana
P Francisco Cordero
UTIL Travis Hafner
BE Matt Wieters
BE Kosuke Fukodome
BE Ben Francisco
I really wanted Jacoby Ellsbury. I like my team so much though that I do not think I want to give anyone up for him. This team is already better than my other team because I have closers. I am still waiting on certain regular readers to let me know who they want for a certain closer.


  1. Orangebird

    Cleveland St. is this year’s Davidson! I saw they won and I said to myself “Nice PIck Melissa!”

  2. Paige Landsem

    Nice fantasy team! Good luck!

    Just wanted to say that I have been reading your blog for a few weeks and I think it’s great! I wish I knew so much about one specific team. As a college freshman myself I have enjoyed reading all your thoughts about school and baseball; I definitely had those same thoughts about changing majors a little while ago. I also just started my own blog; come check it out sometime!


  3. ztaknek


    Welcome back from break! Your new team is certainly much better balanced, plus you were able to get Wieters! We had to pick up Rod Barajas so we could have a regular catcher putting up stats until Wieters is ready!

    Regarding Mr. Wood, we’ll let you know shortly whether we like our options and have his guy call your guy.

    Now get back to classes!


    P.S. I’m sure you’ll hear of some real interesting Spring Break stories!

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