DeRosa shines in USA’s WBC win

Hey everyone!

I am so sorry I did not post anything yesterday! I do not know what happened. I failed you and I take full responsibility. 🙂 haha
Indians at A’s
The Indians played the A’s yesterday and lost 8-5. The good news was Kirk Sarloos pitching 3 scoreless innings and just basically dominating his former team. More good news was Travis Hafner showing maybe he is getting his swing back in his 2nd ST game this year. He hit an RBI double in his first at bat yesterday. Also good, Grady returned yesterday! He walked and flew out. He also broke up a double play in the first inning though because he is tough like that. 
WBC: USA vs. Venezuela
First of all I love the name Venezuela; it is just so pretty. That does not mean I was cheering for them or anything. I was really good and took notes on the game and everything! Even when my friends told me that was nerdy.
Through the first three innings or so I was really impressed with both pitchers. The first inning they were both really good. I was a little concerned because Venezuela’s pitcher, Galarraga, pitches for the Tigers and I really do not want him to be that good this year. However he did hit Mark DeRosa in his first at bat of the WBC. Welcome to the WBC, Mark, from a Detroit Tiger. I guess he just thought he would go ahead and get Mark ready for all of the Indians/Tigers rivalry games this year. In the bottom of the fourth, Oswalt really started to lose it. They did eventually take him out but I think they waited too long. When they put Linstrom in he did better but did almost break Iannetta’s wrist when he forgot about the “sequence of signs” the announcers said. This sequence seems like something a pitcher should know by now so I do not really know what happened. In the top of the sixth the US really broke it open. I guess pitching just went downhill after the starters came out. The US scored eight runs in the sixth to give them a 10-3 lead. They would score five more runs and Venezuela only three to give the US the 15-6 lead. 
Interesting notes for the game:
1) Indians fans should be thrilled with DeRosa’s performance. He had a 4 RBI night. He also showed great plate discipline in the sixth when he worked the count full and fouled a pitch off to force the pitcher to throw a bad pitch and walk home the tying run. The Indians are very good at working the count full and fouling pitches off until the pitcher messes up or throws what they want so he should fit right in. he showed some aggressive base running in the same inning and scored on a close play at home.
2) Iannetta, also making his debut, had a 4 RBI night as well and showed some great defense behind the plate.
3) Cabrera and Ordonez were both hitless last night. I think that had a lot to do with Venezuela losing. The Tigers better hope they figure that out before the season starts.
4) Everyone seems to be having a good time in the clubhouse. At one point Jimmy Rollins was dancing around and apparently DeRosa always has a joke or two to get everyone’s spirits up (another reason for Indians fans to be excited; you can not teach that stuff). 
5) It is really weird to see Youkilis and Jeter joking around like old buddies. Just plain weird.
Overall this was a great game for the US. It was fun to watch and showed off some new talent that people probably were not very aware of. I also want to give a shout out to the Venezuelan fans who never stopped cheering or having a good time last night no matter how far behind their team was; that was really classy.


  1. Elizabeth D

    I agree with everyone of your game notes! DeRosa did so well! I was thinking of you and Aaron when he hit that triple. God that was a great acquisition on your part. I was pretty impressed with Iannetta as well– he looks pretty good. Jimmy Rollins was so funny, and he was talking about that Adam Dunn home run too. It was totally weird seeing Youk and Jeter joking around.
    Though they may be on rivalry teams, at the end of the day, they both play the beautiful game of baseball.

    PS: How funny are the 2K9 and ‘The Show’ commercials? I love them!

  2. Lissi

    Aaron- Not a problem. How could I forget him? He is quickly becoming my second favorite Indian and we aren’t even done with ST!
    Julia- Thanks Julia. It’s nice to know you’re there to pick up my slack. haha
    indians09- I am sure he will. Or at least I hope so!
    King of Cali- Thanks!
    Elizabeth- I am pretty pleased with that pickup. I think that may be our best one. And I laugh out loud every time I see those commercials. they don’t get old ever. Grady’s in a new commercial with Alyssa Milano. He doesn’t usually do commercials because he’s so shy so it is kind of a big deal. he basically just stands there and smiles. Which is fine with me. 🙂
    Tom- It is very nice. Did you like my shout out to Ianetta? He was really good.

  3. Erin Kathleen

    I’m glad DeRosa has been hitting so well for Team USA (yes, I”m jumping on the bandwagon now that Canada is out), but it kind of makes me mad in a way. I wanted the Twins to get him, especially since you guys didn’t have to give up much in return. He’s going to be a great addition to your lineup, and I’m not sure we can say the same thing about Joe Crede (if he’s healthy, probably. If not, well then he’s a waste of money).

  4. raysrenegade

    Nice mention of an awesome display by DeRosa. The guy just always seems to do something when he has a bat in his hands. I still can not imagine what he is going to do in those confines of The Jake ( Sorry I am not going to call it Progressive Field).

    That is the one pick up this past off season that I think will turn your offense into a more feared unit. Cleveland has never been far from being dominant, but with DeRosa, you have an extra bit of speed and go with his experience and power.

    Should be a lot of celebrating at Alice Cooperstown near the stadium and down in the Warehouse District this summer .

    Rays Renegade

  5. Lissi

    Jeff- I hope so!
    Kaybee- Sorry you can’t watch them. I am sure you will find all you need to know on here somewhere though!
    Erin- Glad to see you’ve joined the right side. haha I am sorry Canada lost; I was rooting for them yesterday. Yeah I don’t know about Crede. He needs to stay healthy but with the turf (no offense) I don’t know how likely that is.
    Rays Renegade- I don;t even call it Progressive Field and I have only ever really followed the Indians when it was Progressive Field. Shows you how well that name change is going. I am afraid of our offense and I’m cheering for it! I am pretty sure the first 6 or so batters are all legit home run threats. I know I wouldn’t want to face it.

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