Back into the Swing of Things

Isn’t this a funny picture?

Kerry Wood has been dealing with a sore back for a few days. It is fortunately not anything to worry about according to Wood, Carl Willis (Indians’ Pitching coach), Eric Wedge, and the Cubs’ trainer. Wood says this happens every year at the beginning of the Spring and it usually only sets him back a day or two. Since the Indians were already planning on easing him back into baseball there is very little concern over Wood’s health in Goodyear.

Baseball players are goofy aren’t they?

Also Mark DeRosa and Lou Pinella get along just fine. They actually talked to DeRosa today and I can not see how anyone would not get along with him. He was very affable and personable and I really like him. I also liked it when he called Grady “the best leadoff hitter in baseball.” I completely agree.
The Indians lost again today, but I do not care that much. It is just fun to be watching baseball again. We had the lead for awhile and scored 9 runs so I think we did okay. Our pitching was fine until we got into late relief. It was good to get some new guys out there and get them some experience too. I also love seeing the new players and really getting to see where the Indians are going. I see big things in their future from what I have seen this spring. 
This is something I want to see a lot this year.
I am so excited for this season. If Grady and DeRosa keep up what they have been doing in Spring Training we will have a very potent 1-2 punch at the beginning of the lineup. And we should Victor and Hafner back strong with a powerful Jhonny Peralta and a powerful Choo as well. Our lineup is going to be scary. I am ready to see it in action.
Hat List
Sorry I forgot to put this up yesterday. I was really tired.

Los Angeles Angels: 1
Oakland Atletics: 0 
Texas Rangers: 0
Seattle Mariners: 0
Chicago White Sox: 3 (2)
Cleveland Indians: 2 (1)
Kansas City Royals: 1 (1) I also did not think I would ever see one of these.
Minnesota Twins: 0
Detroit Tigers: 4 (3)
Boston Red Sox: 14 (8)
New York Yankees: 11 (6) 
Toronto Blue Jays: 1 (Never thought I’d see one of those!)
Baltimore Orioles: 2 (1)
Tampa Bay Rays: 0 
Chicago Cubs: 5 (1)
St. Louis Cardinals: 1 
Milwaukee Brewers: 0
ttsburgh Pirates: 1 (1) 
Houston Astros: 0
Cincinnati Reds: 0
San Diego Padres: 1 (1)
Arizona Diamondbacks: 1 
Los Angeles Dodgers: 2 (1)
San Francisco Giants: 1 (1)
Colorado Rockies: 0
Atlanta Braves: 15 (5)
Washington Nationals: 1 
New York Mets: 1 (1)
Philadelphia Phillies: 1(1) 
Florida Marlins: 0

Today’s Winner:

sox cap.jpg

I have a question for Tribe fans: Since I was not raised an Indians fan I just want to know how big a deal the rivalry between the Tigers and Indians really is? As a Cardinals fan as well I am used to Cards/Cubs, which is a huge deal, and I just do not get the feeling that the Tigers/Indians rivalry is as big. Maybe I am wrong. I feel like for me anyway there is more of a rivalry with the Yankees and Red Sox even though they are not in our division. Maybe that is just because i do not like them (well the Red Sox are growing on me) or maybe it is just because they are good teams or maybe it comes from the playoffs 2 years ago. I do not know. Give me oyur thoughts, I am just srt of curious.

Picture Credits: Photos from the Plain Dealer
Thanks to for the stories on Wood and DeRosa.


  1. Orangebird

    I saw Wood in Chicago and he made who ever was up that inning for the O’s look like 8 year old. He was insane. And if you think you have a crush on Grady you shpould have seeen the girl Cub fans. Our seats for that game were in the general visinity of the Bartman seats so we were alos near the bullpen and Wood warmed up and yhere were a couple girls who looked like they were going to pass out they were like “OMG it’s Kerry Wood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” When he was a free agent that really starteled me because I knew there were more in love Kerry Cubbies out thier. Hey he go’s from one team with a championship drought to another. I wish kim well against 28 teams.

  2. ztaknek

    Orangebird and I went to Wrigley to see the O’s play the Cubs last June. For the night game that we went to, we had seats very close to the Cubs bullpen and witnessed the Rock Star treatment that Wood got when he was warming up. He then proceeded to dominate the O’s for a save. They looked clueless against him.

  3. Lissi

    Orangebird- I am not quite that annoying when it comes to Grady. I do feel like I want to faint every time I see him though. 🙂
    Julia- Technically they are still losing the whole thing but they did a very good job these past few days.
    ztaknek- I definitely had to read Orangebird’s post a few times but I did get it. It’s fine though; I appreciate that he always leaves comments here. I am sure he will get rock star treatment in Cleveland too. We play the Cubs at Wrigley this year so i guess we’ll see how that goes. Maybe I’ll get to go since Chicago is close and I have fiends there.
    Aaron- Thanks! I still probably won’t feel it, but maybe if I went to a Tigers/Indians game… I do really hate Gary Sheffield after last year’s incident though.
    Kaybee- I know! I am excited. I actually like the Padres okay so I will like getting to see them and hear about their players.

  4. raysrenegade

    Woods has had one of those careers that you do not wish on anyone. Just when he shows some amazing stuff and looked to be going upward, he gets hurt and has to start the climb all over again. We all know his career the last few years has been like the directions on a shampoo bottle.Rinse then repeat.

    If this is a usual thing for him in the Spring, maybe he should not work out hard right before camp. Something has to be causing it that should/could be changed to make him totally healthy……….right?

    Rays Renegade

  5. mlbmark

    Sweet. Nice post. Hey my uncle is working the Indians camp as usual, one of the special assistant coaches (No. 80) — Johnny Goryl. Has been in pro ball over 50 years, always coaching Indians spring camps. If you see him, that’s Uncle Johnny. Have a great weekend. Make sure you recruit lots of people to follow @mlblogs on Twitter!Mark/ /

  6. Lissi

    Steven- The hat list is the list of all the hats I see around campus. I just like looking at the hats anyway so I thought I would just count them.

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