Spring is almost Here!

I just want to briefly mention the A-Rod interview. I respect him a lot for admitting he took PED’s; I still don’t like him but at least I respect his decision to be grownup about this situation.

I other news, I got two new books today! Name Dropping and Princess Charming by Jane Heller. Unfortunately Confessions of a She-fan still has not arrived. 😦 
Clemson Baseball

Our baseball team starts February 20 and I am very excited. I plan on being there as soon as they hand out tickets that Friday at 2:30 which also means I have to find out how to get to the stadium and people to go with me. I think there are three of us in my group of friends who like baseball so I guess it will be just us. I looked at our roster and we have some pretty good players so hopefully we will have a good season. I think we are supposed to be one of the better teams in the country so I hope that’s true!
Spring Training

bats and ball.jpg
Spring Training is not far away everyone! Indians Pitchers and Catchers will be reporting to Goodyear, Arizona this Thursday with their first workout this Saturday, Valentine’s Day, which is sad for their wives. 😦 Then position players report this Sunday and the first full workout is February 17! Games start February 25 with the Giants coming to the Grand Opening of Goodyear Stadium! I am very excited if you could not tell from my overuse of exclamation points. 
Pictures: 1) http://graphics.fansonly.com/photos/schools/clem/sports/m-basebl/auto_wide/200941.jpeg

    2) http://www.goodyearaz.gov/images/archives/bats%20and%20ball.jpg



  1. Elizabeth D

    I wonder if A-Rod would have confessed if the report hadn’t surfaced. I think not. Anyway, that’s awesome that you’re going to some Clemson games! I wish I had some friends who liked baseball as much as I do. I can’t wait for spring training! Maybe baseball can save us and itself!

  2. Lissi

    Julia- Thanks! And they better; they have enough money!

    Elizabeth- I don’t think he would have either. Which is why I don’t believe him when he says he doesn’t wish the report hadn’t come out. He does wish it had stayed hidden, now that it isn’t he did the right thing to handle it but he would be crazy if he really wanted the report to come out. I hope baseball can save itself. I think it can.

  3. metmainman

    Oh yes, Clemson! I always overlook them and go straight to Vanderbilt when it comes to baseball colleges. I want to go to a college with a good baseball program so I can get a career in jornalism. And thanks for the comment on my blog – I promise you that the upcoming project will need the help and opinions of as many MLBloggers as I can get! Tell lots of people!

  4. Lissi

    xcicix- I’m with you!
    metsmainman- You should definitely come here. It is the best school ever. I almost went to Vandy but changed my mind. Clemson’s cheaper too! Oh and check out the top of my page: Clemson girls… best in the world!

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