My Favorite Indian


Happy MLK Jr. Day everyone! Only federal holiday Clemson University gets off btw so it is a very happy day for me!
I’ve included a picture of the sports part of my dorm room. Soccer and baseball are my two favorite sports and Cristiano Ronaldo and Grady Sizemore are my two favorite athletes. 

I thought I should write a blog about my favorite Indian and favorite baseball player. I am sure it is no surprise to anyone that Grady Sizemore is my favorite. I am sorry to be terribly cliche and like every other teenage girl in the world but he is amazing! Not just because he is gorgeous (I promise that is the only time I will mention that) but also because he is an amazing baseball player and more importantly an awesome person. First, the baseball player part: In my opinion he is the best center fielder in baseball right now. I have a very hard time thinking of other players that compare, I am aware that I am a little biased but I am serious. Josh Hamilton is pretty good but defensively he doesn’t come close. Curtis Granderson is very close defensively but offensively he comes up a little short. Don’t get me wrong Curtis Granderson is a great offensive player and especially as a leadoff hitter but I still think Grady is better. Next the awesome person part: First $1 million of his salary goes to charity every year. I know that is probably very common for professional athletes but I still think it is very important. Next, he seems very unassuming and very modest. I know it could all be an act but he just seems so real. Plus a girl’s gotta believe baseball players can be nice guys who aren’t players and egomaniacs especially if she plans on marrying one. 😉 JK That’s just kind of a secret dream of mine. 


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